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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Will Be Updated To Source 2 One Day
When playing video games, you usually expect that the look of the game is pretty much set. Sure, some tweaks here and there will help improve it, but for the most part you can expect the game to keep its look until a sequel has been announced. Valve changed that with DotA 2 when they announced DotA 2 Reborn.For those unfamiliar, this basically gave the game a massive overhaul in […]

Valve Uncertain About Counter-Strike Getting Its Own Championship
If you played computer games back in the early 2000s, chances are you have heard of or even played Counter-Strike. The game still exists today and has been upgraded and updated to its current form, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Now there are plenty of Counter-Strike tournaments being held all over the world, but will we ever get to see a Valve-organized one?Unfortunately if you were hoping that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would […]

Counter-strike: Global Offensive Gets New Halloween Update
At the end of this month, chances are pretty high that you will have received invitations to various Halloween parties, and while you are still up in the air as to which particular fancy dress costume to go in, without being a repeat vampire, mummy or zombie, why not skip all of the social engagements out there and decide to spend the time at home, playing some Counter-strike: Global Offensive? […]

Counter-Strike Game Interrupted When SWAT Kicks Down The Door
Swatting, for those who might not have heard of it, is a term used to describe a dangerous “prank” where someone will call the cops and claim that there is an incident going on at another person’s house, after which law enforcement could call SWAT teams over to check it out and to diffuse the situation.It is dangerous because people could potentially get hurt in the process, but unfortunately despite […]


Server Plug-In Allows Super Mario Bros. To Be Played Within A Counter-Strike Game
Ever wonder what it might be like to play a video game within a video game? Sure there are games like that out there where they offer smaller arcade-type games within the main game itself, take StarCraft 2 for instance, but what about playing an actual console game within a game of a totally different genre and platform? If that has managed to pique your interest, the Sourcemod Entertainment System, […]

Counter Strike for iPad
You can now add another line to your ever growing list of “Why I Should Buy an iPad (for you)” that you want to gift your girlfriend or wife this Valentine’s Day – and that would be Counter Strike for iOS, which specifically runs on the iPad at the moment. This hugely popular mod that runs on the Half-Life engine has finally been ported over to the iOS platform, thanks […]

Counter-Strike map recreates The Office's Dunder Mifflin
Fans of the Office television series, if you also happen to be a fan or player of Counter-Strike, you might want to check out a new Counter-Strike map that has recently made its way onto YouTube. If the screenshot above has not given it away, yes, it seems that the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in the Office series has been converted into a playable Counter-Strike map.

Counter-Strike 1.6 recreated with Unity engine
If you miss playing Counter-Strike but don’t want to bother reinstalling on Steam or digging up old CDs of the game, you’re in luck. A couple of developers have managed to recreate Counter-Strike 1.6 with the Unity engine and files from the original game. Multiplayer is supported, along with bots for single player! Who would’ve thought this day would come?

New Counter-Strike: Global Offensive screenshots revealed
After announcing the game and then putting up the official trailer for the game, Valve is set to please more Counter-Strike fans by releasing brand new screenshots of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive over the weekend. The first few official screenshots for the game are now available online for your viewing pleasure.Despite the improved visuals, you can tell that the Source engine is showing its age – but hey, visuals weren’t what […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive official trailer released
A lot of old school FPS gamers got pretty excited when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) was officially unveiled a couple of weeks ago, and now Valve has released more content for us folks to get excited about in the form of an official trailer for the game. More details have also been released about the game: Valve will be developing CS: GO for all three platforms (PC, PS3, Xbox […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive confirmed (Updated)
Counter-Strike might seem like an old school game when put up against games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, but until today it has a cult following of players that still play the game like it was the year 2000. And for those players, we’ve got some good news for you. It has been confirmed on the Steam forums that there’s a new Counter-Strike on the way, and it’s going […]

Artist wants to build a replica of Counter-Strike's de_dust map
If you were big on FPS games in the early 2000s, I’m pretty sure you would have been part of the Counter-Strike-playing crowd, and if you were you would probably remember every nook and cranny of one of its most famous maps: de_dust. Now imagine being able to explore the map – in real life. While de_dust wasn’t based on a real location, a famous modern artist known as Aram […]