You can now add another line to your ever growing list of “Why I Should Buy an iPad (for you)” that you want to gift your girlfriend or wife this Valentine’s Day – and that would be Counter Strike for iOS, which specifically runs on the iPad at the moment. This hugely popular mod that runs on the Half-Life engine has finally been ported over to the iOS platform, thanks to a Russian who goes by the moniker FrIuNs. This is not an official port, but at least it gets the job done well enough to deliver a decent gaming experience on the iPad.

Of course, you probably would not see this particular port hit the App Store as FrIuNs does not seem likely (far from it, in fact) to be connected to Counter Strike in any way. Still, that does not mean you cannot download the Android port from elsewhere. For those who want to have it run on the iPad, you will need to have the Unity Web Player plugin installed before you give this particular mod from Kongregate an install.

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