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Man Shot In Cold Blood After Refusing To Unlock His iPhone
The majority of smartphones come with security features that encrypts the contents of the phone until it is unlocked. This unlock can come in the form of a PIN code, pattern unlock, or biometric unlocking. This helps prevent people from accessing your phone without your consent, and also potentially deters thieves and robbers.

Apple Employees Charged With Stealing $700,000 Worth Of Gift Cards
Stealing from work happens all over the world, whether it be taking a pen home or maybe even taking home reels of printer paper. At the end of the day, it happens, but it’s not often you hear about employees stealing as much as $700,000 from their place work, which is what happened recently to a handful of Apple Store employees.Four employees and a dental office receptionist have recently been […]

Teen Records Himself Getting Bullied On iPad, Gets Charged With Wiretapping Instead
Imagine that you’re out and about, perhaps phone in your hand, when you witness a crime take place either in front of you or you’re the victim, so you start using your phone to record the incident to use it as evidence or proof of the crime taking place. Sounds fine, right? Imagine the surprise of a Pennsylvania sophomore who discovered that he had been charged with wiretapping instead of […]

Police Shutdown Pedophile Ring Accused Of Streaming Videos Online
As if being able to find photos and videos of child porn online wasn’t horrible enough, it seems that pedophiles have taken their perversion to a whole new level when they started to offer live streaming of videos of people abusing children. Well the good news is that thanks to the combined efforts of police in the UK, US, and Australia, they have managed to take down an international ring […]


HTC Sends HTC One To Man Whose Life Was Saved By Bullet-Stopping Cellphone
Just the other day, a story made its way around the Internet that involved a man reportedly being saved by his cellphone as it was able to stop a bullet that was fired at him from a fleeing criminal. The cellphone the gas station attendant was carrying was an HTC EVO 3D, which we now know is strong enough to stop a bullet, and as a result of his incredible story, […]

Cellphone Saves Gas Station Clerk's Life By Stopping A Bullet Fired At Him
In the year 2013, we think it’s safe to say a great majority of people walking around carry a cellphone around with them. Cellphones allow us to stay in communication with people we may not be around at the time, as well as to pass the time through various games and applications. But one Florida gas station attendant’s cellphone did more than just allow him to communicate with others. It […]

Model Tracks Down Pervert Via His LinkedIn Profile
With phones these days packing cameras, just about any pervert will be able to take upskirt photos of unsuspecting females without them knowing. A 22-year old model, Brittanie Weaver, got a taste of that being done to her and she was none too pleased about it.According to the New York Daily News, Weaver popped into a pet store with her dog when this guy followed her around and under the […]

Nevada Could Make Texting While Walking Illegal
All right, so you have read that texting will make you smarter in the long run, but might I recommend that you avoid texting while walking the next time you decide to drop by the state of Nevada? Of course, the whole idea of preventing texting while walking is simple – there are challenges to this multi-tasking act, chiefly you might walk into a manhole, or bump into someone or […]

Hacked Xbox 360 Leads To Police Raid On Unrelated Family
Dealing with other gamers on Xbox Live can be considered a true test in patience as the majority of them spend their time online badmouthing other players for their gender, sexual preferences or for having a mother. But in this story, it seems dealing with someone on Xbox Live can lead to the police surrounding your home in the middle of the night with guns drawn.According to a WFTV report, […]

London's Mobile Phone Theft Rate Rises To 300 Stolen Per Day
Walking around with your phone in your hand while reading a text or email might be safe where you live, but just even having headphones on will probably get you mugged as a smartphone is probably on the other end of them. We saw reports of iPhone & iPad theft rise in New York City around this time last year, and things aren’t any better over in London as an insane […]

Apple Thefts Causes Crime Rate In New York To Shoot Up
For the first time in 20 years, the overall crime rate in New York is climbing up the ladder. But, drugs and guns aren’t the culprit here. According to the Wall Street Journal, the surprising increase in crime rate is due to the growing number of thieves stealing Apple products. Larceny, which involves the wrongful acquisition of the personal property, is up by 9 percent while overall crime rate was […]

Fujitsu phone scam detection technology to disrupt scammers
[CEATEC 2102] In Japan, phone scamming is a regarded as a pretty big issue, but there aren’t a lot of ways to prevent it right now. However, it looks like Fujitsu is currently working on a solution to the problem. For those of you not in the know, these phone scams usually involve perpetrators calling up victims and asking them to wire money to their account because of some outrageous […]

Men armed with assault rifles robs truck loaded with Apple products
Here’s some interesting news for you today. Three men, armed with assault rifles, intercepted a truck loaded with Apple products earlier today in Aulnay-sous-Bois, Paris. The suspects reportedly wore masks and carried Kalashnikov and M16 rifles. Fortunately, the driver and one passenger of the truck were released in the woods of Val d’Oise, both safe and unharmed. The French police eventually located the truck but the suspects were already gone.It […]

3D printers used to make ATM skimmers
While 3D printers can be used to create all sorts of objects, it would only be a matter of time before criminals started using it for malicious intent. And well, it looks like it has already begun. A sophisticated card skimmer that was believed to be created with a 3D printer was recently discovered and removed from a Chase Bank ATM in West Hills, California. The card skimmer fit perfectly […]

Criminals find use for 3D printers
3D printers are great, they have its practical uses and it has its novelty uses, and lately criminals seem to have found malicious use for 3D printers as well. This isn’t really new as back in September, criminals managed to steal more than $400,000 from ATMs using ATM skimmers (which are fitted over ATM card slots and are used to steal debit/credit card information).

[Study] Social media believed to be used by most of today's burglars
While the internet is great for helping you keep in touch with the people you care about, it’s also a good way for strangers to find out everything about you. One thing people seem to ignore nowadays is the privacy settings on their social networks – where they are, where they live, where they hang out – all their location data is visible for everyone to see.

Air conditioner thieves make life miserable for Texans
As if the intense heat wave and drought over in the sunny state of Texas wasn’t enough for its citizens to deal with, it looks like the state has to deal with yet another menace – air conditioner thieves. It’s been reported that there has been an increase in the number of air conditioner thefts this summer, and while it may sound like nothing more than a terrible prank, it’s […]

Cyber criminals exploit Osama's death
While we’ve all been told that Osama has finally been found and killed, a lot of people are unsatisfied with just words and want more proof of his demise. Cyber criminals recognize this and have decided to take exploit this fact and not a day too late. You don’t have to look very hard to see that the internet is now flooded with tons of links claiming to have shocking […]

Sony PlayStation controller used in robbery attempt
A man was recently arrested for trying to rob a convenience store with the use of a Sony PlayStation controller. He had kept it in his pocket, pretending that it was a gun while attempting to rob the store. Unfortunately for him, there was a police officer who walked into the store in the middle of the robbery. Apparently the policeman was tipped off about the robber’s presence, and the […]

Online marriage turns out to be a pedophilic affair in the real world
A 54-year old man has been charged for initiating sexual encounters with a 13-year old girl he had married in the virtual world of Runescape. Runescape is an online role-playing game where players can band together to quest or even just hang out to socialize. The man met the girl through the game and they got along well. Their friendship eventually led to a wedding (in the game) and an […]