The majority of smartphones come with security features that encrypts the contents of the phone until it is unlocked. This unlock can come in the form of a PIN code, pattern unlock, or biometric unlocking. This helps prevent people from accessing your phone without your consent, and also potentially deters thieves and robbers.

Unfortunately for an off-duty firefighter in Florida, he was shot and killed after refusing to unlock his iPhone for his robbers. Chris Randazzo was reported to be out with friends and was on the way to his girlfriend’s house when he was robbed. The robbers had initially spared Randazzo’s life after taking his iPhone and his other belongings, but they later turned their car around and demanded that he provide the security code to his iPhone.

Randazzo refused which was when the robbers shot him in cold blood and left him for dead. The reason for the code is that without the code, they would not be able to unlock the phone which renders it useless as they can’t use it for themselves, nor can the phone be resold as they would have no way of wiping it.

Thankfully, the police have since managed to track down the robbers by using cellphone data and license plate readers, where they ultimately arrested three men who they believe were involved in the shooting and robbery.

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