Walking around with your phone in your hand while reading a text or email might be safe where you live, but just even having headphones on will probably get you mugged as a smartphone is probably on the other end of them. We saw reports of iPhone & iPad theft rise in New York City around this time last year, and things aren’t any better over in London as an insane amount of phones are being stolen on a daily basis.

The Metropolitan Police released new statistics today that estimates over 300 mobile phones are being stolen in London every day. The majority of those mobile phones are, of course, iPhones. Just last month, 9,751 mobile phones were stolen, although a total of 17,583 robbery and theft incidences have been reported in the London. By those two numbers, it’s safe to say over half of the robberies or thefts that occur in London are mobile phone related.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to London anytime soon, and you’re bringing your favorite phone with you, be sure to keep it in a safe and secure location. If not, at least make sure you keep yourself in public areas so when a robbery does occur, you can attempt to have others help you fight off the wave of criminals that are apparently after your phone at all times.

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