Dealing with other gamers on Xbox Live can be considered a true test in patience as the majority of them spend their time online badmouthing other players for their gender, sexual preferences or for having a mother. But in this story, it seems dealing with someone on Xbox Live can lead to the police surrounding your home in the middle of the night with guns drawn.

According to a WFTV report, hackers made their way into a teenager’s Xbox 360 to demand information in regards to a video game. The teenager refused to help them, which resulted in the hackers to submitting the teenager’s personal information tied to his account to local police. The messages from the hackers were false reports of the teenagers home currently undergoing a murder and hostage situation.

Police traced the account of the teenager, which was outdated, and surrounded a completely unrelated family home in Ovideo, Florida. The teenager they were looking for, who had his Xbox Live account hacked, actually lived in another house within the town. Good news is the police were able to trace the IP address of the two hackers who were responsible for the false police report. Bad news is it’ll be difficult to arrest either hacker as police won’t be able to pinpoint who exactly was hacking the account.

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