New AT&T Data Plan Offers iPhone Tethering

AT&T has introduced two new wireless data plans that will go into effect on June 7th, one of which offers iPhone tethering. While this is probably a good thing to many subscribers out there, folks who are used to unlimited data plans will notice that they have disappeared, and that includes the $29.99 unlimited plan for the iPad. There is some good news for existing iPad users, though, if you’re currently subscribed to the $29.99 unlimited plan, you can continue to do so without a contract, while maintaining the option of switching over to the new plan.

The first of the new data plans is the DataPlus plan, priced at $15/month for 200MB worth of data. It’s aimed at the casual user with light Internet usage. If you do happen to use up your quota and need additional data, you can opt to purchase an additional 200MB of data for $15 as often as you like during the billing cycle.

The second data plan is aimed at more serious users, folks who regularly download or stream music/videos, basically anybody who uses high-bandwidth applications. The DataPro plan offers 2GB worth of data for $25/month with each additional gigabyte of data priced at $10.

Other goodies in the announcement includes the fact that AT&T is offering subscribers with qualified data plans unlimited usage at more than 20,000 AT&T Hot Spots at no additional charge and doesn’t count towards your monthly data usage.

Finally, there is more Apple-related news from AT&T, which is that subscribers of the DataPro plan can add tethering for an additional $20/month, allowing you to use your smartphone as a modem to provide a broadband connection to other devices, and yes, it includes the iPhone.

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