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AT&T and China Telecom announce deal to share infrastructure
It looks like China Telecom is making good on its plans to enter the US market. Earlier this month we reported that the largest carrier in China had its eyes on entering the US market. Their initial plan was to provide services to Chinese Americans and tourists with a line that works in the US, and another line that will work in China. Now it appears that China Telecom has […]

MetroPCS said to be frontrunner in buying AT&T's assets
One of the reasons why the AT&T and T-Mobile deal has not gone through, despite it being announced months ago, is that not just their competitors, but antitrust regulators who feel that through AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile, competition will essentially be dead, at least as far as the small carriers are concerned. One of the ways that AT&T has tried to appease the courts and their competition is by offering […]

Apple rejects Samsung's deal in Australia
About a week ago, Samsung came forward and offered Apple a deal that would allow them to continue selling their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets in Australia. Given that Christmas is only a couple of months away, obviously Samsung wanted their products to be available in time for the festive shopping season, but it looks like Apple has decided to decline their offer.

Samsung offers Apple a deal to let them sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia
The patent war between Apple and Samsung seems to be ongoing with no end in sight, or so it seemed until Samsung decided to step forward and offer Apple a deal which would allow them to sell their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Australia in time for the holidays.


Facebook closes daily 'Deals' service
Facebook has decided that they will no longer support the daily ‘Deals’ service that has yet to see action outside of the US, and at least it is rather comforting to know that the closure of this service will not affect check-in Deals that enables Facebook users to obtain access to a bunch of discounts as well as offers in shops or restaurants that they happen to ‘check into’.

Nintendo teams up with Best Buy to improve the 3DS experience
According to reports, Nintendo and Best Buy have struck a deal to turn Best Buy stores into places for folks with the 3DS to hang out in. Starting this June, Best Buy will be offering free wireless access to 3DS owners inside 1,000 of their stores. Through the console’s SpotPass feature, 3DS owners will be able to take advantage of the free WiFi to download movie trailers, gaming extras and […]

Miramax makes a 5-year deal with Netflix
Movie buffs will be glad to know that their favorite movie distributor has just signed a deal with Netflix to provide hundreds of movie from their catalog. Get ready to enjoy movies like Clerks, The English Patient, Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction as well as Scream with your Netflix subscription.Financial details about the deal weren’t released, but the Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix and Miramax were close to a […]

Nokia-Microsoft deal inked
The Nokia-Microsoft alliance came as a shocker when it was announced a quite awhile ago, but back then details weren’t confirmed, and everything seemed a bit sketchy. Even the release dates for the upcoming Nokia-Windows Phone 7 devices were all over the place, with reports of the phones arriving later this year, and some say next year, and the fact that rumors of prototypes already made didn’t help clear things […]

Sprint gets vocal about AT&T-T-Mobile acquisition
While Sprint appeared calm and collected about the whole AT&T-T-Mobile buyout when it was first announced, it looks like they haven’t been so cool after all. Sprint has just announced that they oppose the whole $39 billion takeover. At present, AT&T is the second largest carrier in the US, with Verizon in the lead. If AT&T takes over T-Mobile, it would make them the largest carrier in the US, leaving […]

Amazon acquires LOVEFiLM
Amazon has announced today that they have reached finally acquired LOVEFiLM International Limited. In case you didn’t know, LOVEFiLM is pretty much the equivalent of Netflix in Europe – a subscription entertainment service that allows you to rent movies and games through the mail or streaming on demand. The service is compatible with PCs, internet-enabled TVs and on the PlayStation 3. Amazon’s acquisition of LOVEFiLM gives them a bigger foothold […]