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iPhone 4 Bumper Case to be discontinued? (Rumor)
When the iPhone 4 was launched, there was a huge buzz surrounding it, although at one point in time, the buzz surrounding the device was a negative one. If you were one of the early adopters of the iPhone 4, you may remember the infamous “death grip” which would cause your handset to lose reception drastically when held in a certain way. This was believed to have been attributed to […]

iPhone 5 to keep iPhone 4 design and sport only 512MB of RAM? (Rumor)
If you are one of the people who have been hoping that the iPhone 5 will see a redesign, you may be in for bad news, assuming of course you choose to believe the rumors. According to AppleInsider who was told by an analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 5 will not be seeing a redesign, at least one that isn’t too obvious, and there will be little change to its […]

Motorola Teases That The Droid X Doesn't Require A Jacket
Seems like Samsung isn’t the only company who is having some fun at Apple’s expense in the whole Antennagate issue, as the latest advert reminds us that there is “no jacket required” for the Motorola Droid X, and that its dual antenna design works perfectly fine. It’ll be interesting to see how long all this mudslinging will be going on, but neutral parties will probably get a good laugh out […]

Free iPhone 4 Bumper Cases To Cost Apple $175 Million
With Apple’s recent offer of free bumper cases for the iPhone 4 in an effort to put an end to the Death Grip complaints, many folks were wondering how badly such a move would affect Apple’s pockets. And while an analyst had previously speculated that a full-scale hardware recall would set Apple back $1.5B, Apple has announced a more pleasant figure, stating that the free bumper cases for the iPhone […]


Apple To Hold iPhone 4 Press Conference On Friday
Apple has sent out notifications that it will be holding a press conference this Friday, July 16th. Details on what would be covered were scarce, but it is confirmed that it’s related to the iPhone 4. The 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern) press conference is expected to involve the iPhone 4’s Death Grip issue, which causes the cellular signal to degrade when you hold the phone in a certain manner. And […]

Rumor: Is Apple Silently Recalling The iPhone 4?
This is currently very much a rumor, so you might want to take it with a pinch of salt. Reports have filtered in that a user sent his iPhone 4 in for fixing, and when he got his replacement iPhone, he noticed that the stainless steel band on the new phone felt a tad less like its usual smooth material, and was more matte. While there aren’t any official numbers […]