If you are one of the people who have been hoping that the iPhone 5 will see a redesign, you may be in for bad news, assuming of course you choose to believe the rumors. According to AppleInsider who was told by an analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 5 will not be seeing a redesign, at least one that isn’t too obvious, and there will be little change to its internals as well.

The iPhone 5 has been speculated to sport a dual-core A5 processor chip much like the iPad 2, and it has also been said to sport an 8MP camera. Apart from those and a rumored redesign, not much else has been known about the device thanks to Apple’s trademarked silence. However according to Kuo, it seems that the next-generation iPhone will not be seeing a major redesign and will instead end up looking similar to the iPhone 4.

It will feature a glass front and Gorilla glass backing much like the iPhone 4, and will be sporting a measly 512MB of RAM, and once again very similar to the iPhone 4. However it has been said that the next-generation iPhone will be sporting a redesign antenna which is supposed to fix the “death grip” issue that plagued the iPhone 4 during its early release. Supposedly the changes are so minimal that non-discerning users will not be able to tell the difference.

This isn’t exactly news as it has been reported before that the iPhone 5 will merely be a refresh of the iPhone 4, but with conflicting reports of a redesign, it’s starting to get a bit tricky trying to figure out which reports are more credible.

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