When the iPhone 4 was launched, there was a huge buzz surrounding it, although at one point in time, the buzz surrounding the device was a negative one. If you were one of the early adopters of the iPhone 4, you may remember the infamous “death grip” which would cause your handset to lose reception drastically when held in a certain way. This was believed to have been attributed to the design of the antenna, and to solve this problem, Apple released the Bumper Case.

The Bumper Case was designed to basically solve the issue of the “death grip” and provide some level of protection. Granted it was probably not the most elegant solution, and seemingly over time the Bumper Case has fallen out of favor with the masses, which led to the current rumor that suggests Apple may be discontinuing the Bumper Case.

Some are saying that this because of the upcoming iPhone 5, which rumor has it will be sporting a new design that apparently solves the issue of the “death grip”, while others are claiming that with cheaper alternatives to the Bumper Case readily available, Apple sees no need to continue pushing the case out.

Unfortunately this is just a rumor/speculation, and there has been no word surrounding a specific date for the discontinuation, but a question to iPhone 4 users out there – will the Bumper Case be missed?

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