4G BlackBerryThere have been rumors afoot about RIM working on a 4G LTE BlackBerry for a couple of years now, and the device that was intended to be released this year has been pushed to the end of the year. Apparently RIM have had some trouble with the costs of the device. According to the rumors, the costs for the LTE chips have been too high for RIM, and that even if they could get the chips cheap, the battery life of the device isn’t powerful enough to sustain the device for long periods of time when connected to 4G. After all, nobody wants to use a phone that needs to be connected to a charger constantly, so it looks like RIM will need to do a lot of work on the device before we’ll see it in stores. The 4G LTE market isn’t exactly worldwide at the moment, with America being the only country adopting it now and with RIM slowly losing grip on the American enterprise market, it’s no surprise if they want to ensure they have a fantastic product before releasing it to the public. What are your thoughts on a 4G BlackBerry device?

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