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Picksie delivers alpha launch of location-based website and discovery service for iPad
[DEMO Fall 2010] Own an Apple iPad? Then you might be interested to know that Picksie has already rolled out its alpha launch of its location-based website as well as discovery service for the iPad at the DEMO Fall 2010 conference. After all, we more often than not ask ourselves, “What can I do, right here, right now?”, and this is where Picksie comes in to help by delivering instant […]

myShopanion: Mobile Social Shopping App
[DEMOFall 2010] myShopanion lets consumers compare prices, check product reviews and request friends advices via major social networking sites on the go. Mobile product comparison apps using bar code scanning are not new, but from the screen shots (I did not try the application yet) I can tell that the user experience looks way better. Leveraging the social graph for shopping recommendations is a concept that has been out there […]

Veebeam: WYS on the Laptop IWYG on the TV
[DEMOFall 2010] Veebeam is enabling What You See on your laptop to be What You Get on your TV using wireless USB connectivity with HD video streaming. Patrick Cosson, Chief Marketing Officer at Veebeam, showed me a demo of the Veebeam box (photo, right) and the wireless USB antenna: once the box has been connected to the TV and the USB antenna has been plugged into a notebook (see picture), […]

Micello: Mobile Indoors Maps
[DEMOFall 09] Micello is a database of maps of places like shopping malls, college campuses, convention centers etc… that mobile users can explore and access useful information while interacting with each other, thanks to its social networking component. There tons of Location Based Services such as Google Latitude or Loopt, bit none of them has really got into the buildings with relevant information.I can imagine very well how this application […]


Digsby To Launch Twitter Desktop Client
[DEMOFall 09] Another day and another Twitter dashboard… dotSyntax the company behind Digsby, the popular IM and social networking aggregator, claims that it delivers the best Twitter experience, presenting the data in a conversation format while the competition is still stuck with the “Timeline” interface. Digsby allows users to filter out tweets coming from unimportant sources and it includes a variety of features such as the ability to ‘reply’ and […]

TravelTrac Enables Multimedia Travel Diaries
[DEMOFall 09] TravelTrac app for the iPhone allows travelers to share their locations, travel blog post, photos and video on custom Google maps, using geotagging technologie even from remote locations. TravelTrac offers 3 websites for globe trotters to share their adventures, depending on the vehicle they prefer: MotoTrac – for vehicular car/truck/motorcycle/RV and off road trips and travel adventures, TrekTrac – for land based exploration, tours, trips, and […]

Piryx introduces the Social Commerce Platform
[DEMOFall 09]The recent presidential campaign has highlighted the power of small online donations, and that has created a demand from candidates, non-profit, local governments, and other entities to have a web-platform to raise funds. It’s a good idea, but most can’t build anything like that themselves. That’s where Piryx comes in. The platform sits on top of a payment processing system that allows money to flow in. On top of […]

Local Dirt: Technology For Buying Local Food
According to a Research from the US Department of Agriculture, 60% of farmers nationwide lose money each year while 17,000 family farms go out of business, “The Grapes of Wrath” are not that obsolete after all. In an effort to support local farming, Heather Hilleren founded Local Dirt in 2005, a Saas (Software as a Service) platform that connects sellers and buyers of locally-grown produce and animal products. While individual […]

Last Chance to Get a Free Pass for DEMOFall 09
Ubergizmo is a media partner of DEMOFall 09, one of the best emerging technology conference, that will be held in San Diego Sept 21-23. For this particular DEMOFall session, the last one for co-Executive Producer Chris Shipley, 16 tech rocks stars who launched at DEMO during the past 13 years have been invited, including Marc Benioff, Founder & Chairman,, Diane Greene, Entrepreneur, Founder and Former CEO, VMware; Subrah Iyar, […]