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[DEMOFall 09] Micello is a database of maps of places like shopping malls, college campuses, convention centers etc… that mobile users can explore and access useful information while interacting with each other, thanks to its social networking component. There tons of Location Based Services such as Google Latitude or Loopt, bit none of them has really got into the buildings with relevant information.I can imagine very well how this application could provide both information and highly relevant advertising to a super targeted and engaged audience. Currently the app only provide maps for 150 places in the bay area and the user interface could be more appealing, however the concept could be developed very well with more funding (for now it is a “friends and family” funding). The company plans to include theme parks, golf courses, fitness centers, airpots, museums. Micello is available at the Apple AppStore and will be launched on BlackBerry, Android and WebOS in the coming months. www.micello.com

Micello will demo live on stage in the 8.30- 11.10 am session on Tuesday Sept.22nd, live.ubergizmo.com.

Features after the jump:

Micello’s crown jewel is a collection of indoor maps on interesting POI’s. These maps can be displayed and rendered on any connected device. Micello’s mobile application can be downloaded from Apple’s AppStore. Some of the key features of the application are:

  • There are 150+ indoor maps of shopping malls and college campuses. By the end of 2010, over 5000 places will be available in major metropolitan areas of the United States.
  • Each map is personalized depending on interests, profile, and usage history.
  • Micello’s powerful, tag-based search capability can help you find products, people, and
  • events inside the communities.
  • Users can find their Facebook, Twitter and Mobile Phonebook friends directly in the
  • map of the community.

Users can write stories, provide feedback, and see what others are saying about the places of interest.

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