Veebeam: WYS on the Laptop IWYG on the TV

[DEMOFall 2010] Veebeam is enabling What You See on your laptop to be What You Get on your TV using wireless USB connectivity with HD video streaming. Patrick Cosson, Chief Marketing Officer at Veebeam, showed me a demo of the Veebeam box (photo, right) and the wireless USB antenna: once the box has been connected to the TV and the USB antenna has been plugged into a notebook (see picture), the Veebeam software pops up, the content displayed on the laptop is streamed and shows up on the TV screen. Veebeam is the ultimate replacement for media center, it is super easy to use, you only have 2 cables to connect to the box, the HDMI and the power supply (for the HD version) and the device’s small size and sleek design will not ruin your living room decorations unlike most of the ugly desktop computers… A similar technology launched at CES 2010 was demonstrated today at IDF: the Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) is directly integrated in the laptop and works with the NETGEAR Push2TV Adapter.

Veebeam HD streams 1080p HD video and costs $40 more than Veebeam SD, both versions are compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OSX 10.5 & 10.6. Depending on what’s being viewed, users can switch between ‘Screencasting’ mode, best for sharing websites or photos, and ‘Play-To’ mode, to enjoy highest video quality and the ability to multi-task. According to Veebeam, the technology creates a secure point-to-point wireless connection between a laptop and a TV and wireless USB is more powerful than traditional WiFi because it offers more bandwidth, better security and less interference in an in-room environment.

Veebeam is available in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe from the company’s website (, and

  • Veebeam SD : $99 USD, £99 GBP (VAT included) & €109 EUR (VAT included)
  • Veebeam HD : $139 USD, £139 GBP (VAT included) & €149 EUR (VAT included)

Watch DEMOFall 2010 live here for $249 (until Sept 13) or $299:

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