Picksie delivers alpha launch of location-based website and discovery service for iPad

[DEMO Fall 2010] Own an Apple iPad? Then you might be interested to know that Picksie has already rolled out its alpha launch of its location-based website as well as discovery service for the iPad at the DEMO Fall 2010 conference. After all, we more often than not ask ourselves, “What can I do, right here, right now?”, and this is where Picksie comes in to help by delivering instant recommendations for events, activities and places of interest which will match your very own preferences and location, taking into consideration various parameters such as location, current time, day and weather. Picksie currently links to San Francisco and New York, but will expand to other cities over the next one and a half years. At least you’re covered on both sides of the coast. Picksie is free to use, and will be released in closed beta in a few weeks’ time if you’re interested.

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