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HP Pavilion Desktop Computers, Updated
HP has released the new generation of HP Pavilion desktop computers that have been redesigned to look good, and yet, be practical (by the way, the two qualities don’t have to collide – that’s the while point of “design”). As you can see, the new Pavilion desktops come in the form of a medium, mini and small towers, depending on how much power and extensibility users want.

Fixmo Messenger Beta brings BBM to your desktop
Are you a BlackBerry Messenger addict? Are you constantly on BBM no matter where you are, even when you’re at home? When you’re back at home, don’t you wish you had the ability to chat on BBM using your computer instead of typing away on the BlackBerry keyboard? Now there have been a few solutions released in the past few years that let you do that – but it required […]

Google Voice Search on desktop being tested
Remember we mentioned that Google Chrome 11 brings support for voice input that works with Well it looks like Google has unveiled more plans to make use of voice input on the web. Google has been reportedly testing out the voice input feature for their regular search engine as well.

Windows 7 finally overtakes Windows XP's desktop OS market share
According to the latest results of the desktop OS market share in the US for April 2011 collected by StatCounter, it looks like people are finally leaving Windows XP behind and getting an upgrade to Windows 7. For the first time since it became the most popular operating system around, Windows XP’s market share has been trumped by Windows 7. Windows 7 is now used on 31.71% of desktops in […]


Guitar-PC won't let you play tunes, but lets you play Quake
In the exciting world of PC-case mods, it’s always interesting to see what sort of cases people can come up with. All the way in France, an avid PC modder by the name of Joss recently came up with one kick-ass PC case – made from a cheap guitar. He picked up an entry level Ibiza classical guitar, took it apart with a saw, and packed its internals with computer […]

CyberPower announces new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 gaming PCs
CyberPower, custom gaming PC manufacturer has just announced a new series of gaming desktops that feature the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 – “the fastest graphics card on the planet.” CyberPower power will feature the powerhouse graphics card in their Fang EVO series, Black Pearl, Gamer 3D and Xtreme FTW series of gaming PCs. All of them will ship with a standard GeForce GTX 590, but the Fang EVO Black Mamba […]

HP Omni Pro 110 PC: the all-in-one business PC
HP has just announced a new all-in-one, space saving, clutter-free PC designed for small businesses. Called the HP Omni Pro 110 PC, this computer places all the internals of the computer into a 20″ widescreen. It packs an HD anti-glare display, integrated high-performance stereo speakers, webcam, microphone, DVD writer and 6 in 1 media card reader to ensure you’ll have no problem feeding media into the device. It comes with […]

HP Pavilion Desktop PCs To Get Beats Audio
[CES 2011] The new HP Pavilion p6700, Slimline s5700 and Elite HPE-500 series desktop PCs feature the second-generation Intel Core processor and AMD Radeon graphics. Additionally the new HP Pavilion desktop lineup includes the Beats by Dre audio, an enhanced sound experience created by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine and implemented across HP’s Premium notebooks and desktop PCs. The HP Pavilion p6700, Slimline s5700 and Elite HPE-500 series will be […]

MSI Wind Top AC1900 All-In-One PC for Budget Shoppers
MSI’s Wind Top AC1900 is the latest addition to the company’s all-in-one desktop PC lineup, which features an 18.5-inch 1366 X 768 display and integrated Intel GMA X4500 graphics along with a dual-core Celeron CPU clocked at 2.6 GHz and 2 GB of RAM that’s upgradeable to 4 GB. Since it’s an all-in-one, the DVD writer, 1.3-megapixel webcam, set of 2W speakers, and multi-card reader are all integrated into the […]

Lenovo Introduces Its M75e Business Desktop
Business owners who are shopping for a new system to expand their business might be interested to check out Lenovo’s latest ThinkCentre machine, the M75e. The computer will be available in both small form factor mini-tower and standard tower designs, starting at $504 and $524 respectively. The baseline configuration includes a 2.8GHz AMD Sempron 145 AM3 processor, Windows 7 Professional, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, integrated AMD GPU that is capable […]

MSI Wind Top AE2280 All-in-One desktop PC arrives in the US
If you’re short on space at home (or at the office) and want something functional and yet not look too ancient on your desk, then the MSI Wind Top AE2280 All-in-One desktop PC ought to be your cup of tea. After all, the AE2280 will be the first desktop PC that integrates Hollywood-standard THX TruStudio Pro audio capabilities, boasting THX TruStudio audio that delivers a rich theater-like experience with advanced […]

Lenovo Unveils Updated ThinkCentre M70e And A70 Desktops
Lenovo has unveiled two new ThinkCentre desktops, namely the M70e and the A70, with the latter being a slimmer and more affordable model. Pricing for the M70e starts at $599, while the A70 starts at $379. On paper, the specifications are nothing to shout home about with the M70e being the higher end among the two, since it will carry a Core 2 Quad processor that the A70 can’t. After […]

Funky LED Cube Decorates Your Desktop
Want to bring a little more bling to your desktop and give you something to stare at when the lights are out? This LED art cube might be what you’ve been looking for, as it sports 64 LEDs inside it, arranged in a 4x4x4 grid, and offers a variety of pre-programmed patterns that will help get things started. Of course, $100 does seem like quite a bit of money to […]

Sony VAIO J Series Touchscreen All-in-one Desktop
Folks who are looking for a good looking all-in-one desktop computer for their living room will probably be interested to check out the newly announced Sony VAIO J Series touchscreen desktop. It’s currently available for pre-order today and will ship from the online store later this month with retail stores getting their stocks in July. You’ll have to be prepared to pay around $900 and upwards for the VAIO J, […]