Fujitsu desktop PC loves stereoscopic 3D

Is stereoscopic 3D technology going to engulf the tech world? It certainly seems like it, with the Nintendo 3DS as well as Sony offering 3D gaming on their PS3. Well, Fujitsu jumps aboard the bandwagon this time round with a 3D-powered desktop computer that can display stereoscopic 3D images while featuring a 3D camera that is integrated above the display. There are very little technical details available at point of publishing, but we do know that the 3D camera is capable of shooting both images and videos in stereoscopic 3D. Of course, to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you will need to wear a special pair of glasses, which rules out the possibility of this relying on Sharp’s new technology. Fujitsu does have a problem on their hands though – how are they going to commercialize the computer once the hardware is completed? Maybe our readers have an idea to help them out…

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