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Sling TV Introduces New Services, Launches NBC, BBC America, And More
Sling TV today announced the launch of new single-stream and multi-stream services as well as the addition of NBC, BBC America, and additional content partners. The single-stream service is called Sling Orange and it includes BBC America and BBC World news, the package remains at $20 per month. Sling Blue is the new multi-stream service that features NBC, USA, Syfy, BBC America, BBC World News, and more for $25 per […]

HopperGo Portable DVR By Dish Available Now
Dish unveiled the HopperGO portable DVR earlier this year in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show, at that time the company had said that this product would be released later this year. Almost five months after it was first announced, the HopperGo portable DVR is finally available for purchase. It has an internal hard drive which can be filled with movies and TV shows recorded using several of Dish’s set-top […]

You Can Now Call Dish To Fix Your Broken iPhone
Dish, a satellite TV company, has announced a new service that’s quite different from what it has been doing for years. It will now come to your home to fix your broken iPhone, yes that’s right, you can now call Dish to have repairs made on damaged iPhones. Starting today, anybody in the United States can request an on-site screen or battery replacement from Dish.

Dish Allows Easier Netflix Viewing
Do take note that Netflix was available on Dish set-top boxes not too long ago – in December of last year, in fact, and as usual, the spirit of wanting to make things a whole lot better and more efficient has led to Dish offering an improved level of integration between its platform as well as the video-streaming service for its subscribers. In other words, Dish subscribers who happen to […]


Dish Network Launches A 4K Set-Top Box
The folks at Dish have already unveiled their plan of going after cord cutters who are moving away from the traditional model of watching and paying for TV but they’re not done yet with millions of subscribers who still use its pay-TV service. For them, it has announced the launch of a new 4K ultra HD set-top box which will bring content in ultra high definition to compatible TV sets.

Sling TV Is A $20 Monthly Internet TV Service
There is no doubt that internet TV is changing the landscape. Major providers which were previously closed to the idea are now scrambling to get their own services up so that they can cater to cord cutters who would rather pay for a streaming service they can access through a variety of devices than pay for a conventional cable or satellite service. Dish today announced Sling TV, its new internet TV service, which […]

Dish Announces Netflix Integration For Hopper DVR
There are a variety of ways through which one can access Netflix. It can be opened up in a browser or accessed via an app on smartphones and tablets. What about DVRs? Dish is claiming itself to be the first major U.S. pay-TV provider to integrate the popular streaming service’s application within its hardware. This means that those who have the second-generation Hopper DVR from Dish will be able to stream […]

Dish May Be Interested In Acquiring T-Mobile
There have been many reports of Dish debating a potential acquisition of T-Mobile U.S. and the latest from Bloomberg suggests that Dish honcho Charlie Ergen has reached out to Deutsche Telekom for precisely this purpose. Deutsche Telekom is the majority stakeholder in T-Mobile U.S. It is still open to a sale even though the expected merger with Sprint fell through.

Dish Could Consider T-Mobile Bid If Sprint's Attempts Fall Through
We have been hearing the rumors that Sprint could be getting ready to announce their plans to acquire T-Mobile. This is hardly a secret as both companies have discussed such a possibility in the past, although it seems that regulators aren’t exactly thrilled at the prospect, which means that the deal could be dead even before it is officially announced.That being said, if the deal does fall through, Dish Network’s […]

Disney And Dish Arrive At A TV Distribution Deal
The Walt Disney Company and DISH Network Corporation have come together to issue an announcement concerning a groundbreaking, long-term, wide-ranging distribution agreement which will see DISH customers enjoy access to Disney’s robust line-up of top quality sports, news and entertainment content, whether you view it over TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and other compatible connected devices.

Dish Rumored To Be Interested In Bidding For T-Mobile As Well
A couple of years ago, AT&T failed to acquire T-Mobile not because T-Mobile did not want to play ball, but rather because there were too many opposing the merger due to worries about AT&T and T-Mobile monopolizing the market. However according to recent reports, it seems that Sprint could be thinking about acquiring the carrier themselves, which some have speculated to be a mere trial balloon as opposed to a […]

Blockbuster Ending In-Store Movie Rentals On November 9
We reported on Blockbuster’s unfortunate end just the other day as its parent company, Dish, announced its final 300 stores will close allowing the brand to bow out gracefully from the U.S. retail market. If you still rely on Blockbuster to get your movie fix in, you might want to head on over to your local store and get your final rental in as the retailer’s official Twitter account says […]

Blockbuster Shutting Its Last 300 Stores As It Exits U.S. Retail Market
In recent years, Blockbuster hasn’t been doing so great as earlier this year, they closed a total of 300 U.S. stores and today its parent company Dish has finally closed the final 300 stores that were still open in the U.S.

DISH Network Issues Statement On Sprint Lawsuit
DISH Networks issues a statement on recent Sprint lawsuit.