fujitsu-f07eWhat makes the Fujitsu F-07E so special? Well, it so happens to be the first smartphone that will rely on FPC fingerprint technology, and it has been launched by Fujitsu with DoCoMo all over Japan. This might be a Disney-branded smartphone, but make no mistake about it – the list of hardware specifications are pretty much all grown up, with the ability to support Fingerprint Cards’ (FPC’s) swipe sensor technology.

Katsumi Takada, head of Mobile Phone Group of Fujitsu, said, “Finger sensors in smart devices have become an increasingly essential way to ensure that these devices are secure and at the same time they add convenience for the users. Finger sensors in smartphones have become something of a trademark for Fujitsu and by adding 1080 swipe sensor technology from Fingerprint Cards, we are taking the next step in helping smartphone users to increase the convenience of their experience through effortless fingerprint security.”.

There is the expectation that this launch in Japan is just a start, as there might be additional launches throughout Asia for the rest of the year, and promisingly, beyond, too. Hmm, guess notebooks alone are not the only ones to feature fingerprint sensors, as we have also heard of rumors that the upcoming iPhone 5S might also feature a fingerprint sensor of its own. [Press Release]

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