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Morphing gown Mechapolypse is mind-controlled
A dress that actually changes shape with the power of your mind? Now, that is truly something worth writing home about. Created by Nange Magro, this shape-shifting gown known as Mechapolypse will be able to illuminate and change its form, depending on the level of concentration of its wearer at that point in time. Nange Magro is an MA student at the London College of Fashion, and the creation of […]

Angry Birds swoop down at Finnish Ball
It is a good thing that Angry Birds just want their eggs back, and they do not poop all over the place, unlike regular avians. Well, it must be said that the wife of a Rovio executive certainly made heads turn when she dressed up in an Angry Birds dress at a Finnish State Gala – wrapping all the strategic bits well while looking comically elegant, if there is such […]

Sound Illuminating Dress
Sometimes, we describe fashion as being “loud” or “soft”, depending on the type of design applied and colors used. Well, the Sound Illuminating Dress is going to literally take the buzz around it into account, where an electroluminescent wire is integrated into the seam which is made from a light, white color – wrapping it in an irregular shape around the front. Whenever there is ambient sound around, the light […]

Pseudomorph Dress Can Paint Itself
If you want a truly unique dress every day, maybe the Pseudomorph dress might be able to help, as it’s capable of painting itself. The dress consists of two parts, the first is a white dress made of thick felt, followed by an electronic device made from re-purposed medical equipment, custom designed electronics and a sculpted neck brace. When connected together with some tubes, the ink will be able to […]


Life Dress hails from the future
Unlike the Time Travelers Watch that we looked at earlier this morning, the Life Dress that you see here might seem rather futuristic, but it is able to be worn here and now, thanks to a combination of choice material, LEDs, wires and Arduino hardware. Doesn’t look as though it will find a place in ballrooms, but it will definitely be a hit on the dancefloor, although some guys out […]

Invisible dress could be the future
Check out what a budding team of students at the Shih-Chien University in Taiwan, have come up with – an invisible dress. The dress itself is made of a fully textile-based dispaly, where the back of it will hold an integrated camera. Whenever the camera is activated, it will check out just what’s happening at the wearer’s back, feeding such information to the textile-based display so that someone in front […]

Katy Perry dolled up in CuteCircuit dress
Fashion and technology has come together in the form of the CuteCircuit dress, where it was adorned by the fashionable Kate Perry at the Costume Institute Gala recently. This gown comes with strips of light that will shine through the fabric in a soft glow, making it look like a Tron ball if all females were wearing a variant of it on the dance floor. Of course, you can be […]

Lighted Wedding Dress
We couldn’t have been more clairvoyant to have hinted at an OLED wedding dress, and this comes close – e-Textile artist Alison Lewis came up with the Lighted Wedding Dress which she painstakingly created for a friend. The lighting component is located right under the skirt which in turn is hooked to a row of snaps to the interior of the dress, allowing one to turn the lighting feature on […]

OLED dress from PolyPhotonix
PolyPhotonix of the UK has unveiled its OLED dress which was designed by Gareth Pugh. This is made possible thanks to flexible OLED lighting panels alongside low-cost long-life solar cells. With this in mind, it could mean that OLED-endowed clothing could be the thing of the future, although there is always the risk of it being tacky when executed the wrong way. What’s the next natural step then – an […]

Breath-monitoring dress
Check out this breath-monitoring dress where its LEDs located under the top layer of the fabric will dim or get brighter depending on whether you have a killer breath or one which is sweet enough to drown in. No idea on the type of sensor it uses, but we’re pretty sure a little bit of pixie dust and lots of chanting went beforehand.