A dress that actually changes shape with the power of your mind? Now, that is truly something worth writing home about. Created by Nange Magro, this shape-shifting gown known as Mechapolypse will be able to illuminate and change its form, depending on the level of concentration of its wearer at that point in time. Nange Magro is an MA student at the London College of Fashion, and the creation of the Mechapolypse required the use of EEG (electroencephalographic) chip with sensors located in the cap as well as the faithful standby, an Arduino chipset. This combination allows the garment to be able to measure the wearer’s concentration level, and will thus be programmed to behave in a certain manner at different levels of concentration.


If pulled off correctly, it would definitely be an uncanny experience. Of course, some might even say that this is witchcraft, but that would hark back to the days when they burned people at the stake. Do you think that a dress like the Mechapolypse is capable of catching on in a big way on its own down the road? You will see some steel-faced ladies who want to achieve higher levels of concentration though, if that is the scenario, which does not really go down well with the kind eyes that they have.

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