Tamara billiard flash drive

Tamawa has just introduced a new mini flash drive that’s made out of Bakelite – the same material that is used to make billiard balls. When closed and not in use, the flash drive looks like two billiard balls fused together. Users can choose from seven different colors for each half of the ball to come up with their own color combinations for the thumb drive. The tiny drive stores 8GB worth of data; not much I know, but it should be enough for most of your necessary documents/files that need transporting.

Although the flash drive isn’t exactly the largest drive around, it costs a whopping $124. Now if you’re strapped for cash or don’t care too much about designs, you’re better off spending your money elsewhere. But if you like things made out of Bakelite, especially billiard balls: you’re in luck. The flash drive is available now from Tamawa’s website.

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