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Motorola Droid X2 receives early alpha CyanogenMod 9 build
Unless Motorola changes their stance, the Droid X2 is one of their Android devices that will not be seeing the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update – at least not officially. Yup it looks like thanks to the folks at the Android developer community, it looks like a very early alpha build of CyanogenMod 9 has been created by dragonzkiller for the Droid X2. This will offer Droid X2 owners […]

Motorola DROID X2 maintenance update released
Good news for Motorola DROID X2 owners – it has been reported that Verizon has started pushing out a new maintenance update for the Android phone today. The update which brings the phone’s software up to version 1.3.380.MB870.Verizon.en.US introduces a whole bunch of bug fixes. Folks who haven’t received the update notification can head over to Menu > Settings > About phone > System updates to manually check for the […]

Motorola Droid X2 Gingerbread update now online
Great news for all Droid X2 owners – the Gingerbread update for your phone is officially rolling out as of today. Promised to arrive last week, the update didn’t show up, but as of today, the folks over at Droid-Life have reported that the Gingerbread update is now official. If you haven’t received a notification telling you to download the update, just go to Menu > Settings > About Phone […]

Droid X2 Review
Droid X2 Review - this complete review of the Motorola Droid X2 covers the strengths and the weaknesses of this 4.3" Android smartphone


Motorola Droid X2 officially announced
After all the leaks, rumors, photographs, videos and speculations, it took Verizon and Motorola their sweet time, but they finally did it. Earlier today, the two companies officially announced the launch of the Droid X2. With all its specs confirmed prior to today, it wasn’t really much of a surprise, but we’ve discovered some new features of the phone and its price on contract.The Motorola Droid X2 will have a […]

Motorola Droid X2 costs $600 sans contract
It goes without saying that an unlocked handset will be much more expensive compared to one that has you tied down to a 2-year contract, and some of us might want to change our hardware more often than we originally thought. Well, the scenario of cheaper unlocked handsets aren’t going to change anytime soon, not when the Motorola Droid X2 has been slapped with a $600 price tag over at […]

Motorola Droid X2 release date revealed
The Motorola Droid X2 has been leaked quite a number of times now, and its full specs were revealed yesterday, and now it has been reported that the Motorola Droid X2 has been given a release date from Verizon themselves. According to some Verizon documents that the folks over at Droid-Life got their hands on, the Motorola Droid X2 will be launched in all channels via Direct Fulfillment next week […]

Motorola Droid X2 full specifications unveiled
Motorola has further expanded their Droid line of smartphones with the Droid X2, where we have already caught sight of its boot sequence video in the past, while someone has actually taken the trouble and pain to benchmark this Tegra-2 powered device. Oh yeah, did we also forget to mention that its press shots have been leaked out? Well, all the mystery surrounding the Droid X2 will soon be expunged […]

Verizon release schedule for May confirmed?
The folks at Droid-life claimed that they were contacted by Verizon and given the May release schedule for their upcoming Android phones. If things go according to play, it looks like we’re going to have a very exciting May 12 and May 26. According to them, the Droid X2 will be on sale May 12 – Verizon is now trying to sell off the remaining Droid X stock to create […]

Droid X2 press shots leaked
Motorola’s successor to the Droid X, the Droid X2 has finally been revealed in some press shots. The folks over at Pocketnow managed to get their hands on product shots for the device and posted them online. Not that it’s anything we haven’t seen before – but official shots of the phone should mean that an announcement is imminent and we won’t have to wait too long in order to […]

Motorola Droid X2 benchmarked on video
Motorola has yet to make any official announcement about the successor to the Droid X, the Droid X2, but already, we’re seeing this phone appearing all over the place. Techno Buffalo recently got their hands on the Droid X2, took photographs of the device and even shot a video of the phone being benchmarked. On the surface, the phone looks pretty much just like the Droid X bar a missing […]

Motorola Droid X2 boot sequence caught on video
The folks over at Android Central have gotten their hands on what seems to be video footage of the Motorola Droid X2 starting up and loading its boot screen. The phone looks just like the original Droid X, but this time the phone boots up with a Motorola logo followed by “Dual Core Technology” underneath it – the same one found on the Xoom and the Atrix 4G, which are […]