DROID X2 updateGood news for Motorola DROID X2 owners – it has been reported that Verizon has started pushing out a new maintenance update for the Android phone today. The update which brings the phone’s software up to version 1.3.380.MB870.Verizon.en.US introduces a whole bunch of bug fixes. Folks who haven’t received the update notification can head over to Menu > Settings > About phone > System updates to manually check for the update. As usual, remember to backup your phone before attempting any update – you never know what could go wrong. Hit the break for the full list of changes included in the DROID X2 update:

Device Features
+ Keyboard remains visible during text input.
+ Input characters are properly displayed during text entry.
+ Device will no longer lockup or reset when using the keyboard.
+ Charging indicator will display only when the device is plugged into a charger.
+ Home key functions correctly while the device is in the desktop cradle.
+ Successfully use the camera after unlocking the device.
+ Video quality has been improved for video recording and playback.
+ Mobile Hotspot password can now exceed 63 characters.
+ Improvement to the device stability limits resets and lockups.
+ The Magic Smoke live wallpaper animation now works properly.
+ Enjoy improved audio when streaming music.

Applications & Widgets
+ When playing MP3s through the Music App, songs will not skip.
+ Avoid YouTube video lockup while viewing.
+ Desktop cradle application starts correctly.
+ No longer receive an error message when purchasing the Let’s Golf App.

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