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Nintendo hits 50 million sales for DS console
We all know that Nintendo has had more or less a continued string of success in the handheld video game industry right from the early days of the Game & Watch to the Game Boy that held its 8-bit ground for a decade or so, while the DS also took the world by storm – so much so that more than 50 million units have already been sold in the […]

Nintendo DS Lite price drops to $99
It makes perfect sense for older consumer electronics devices drop in price after some time with newer models in the pipeline or already on store shelves. The Nintendo DS Lite is no different, and it has been a faithful money making servant of Nintendo for many years already. From June 5th onwards, expect the DS Lite’s price to drop to a mere $99.99, so those who placed an order yesterday […]

Nintendo cuts DS Lite to $100, adds new red-colored Mario game boxes
Nintendo dropped the ball this morning with an official price cut on the aging DS Lite from $129.99 to $99.99. The DSi’s price remains unchanged at $149.99 and the DSi XL at $169.99. In addition to the DS Lite price cut, Nintendo is also re-releasing six classic DS Mario games with special red boxes to make it easier for customers to identify in the game aisle.The new red-packaged games are: […]

Nintendo DS Lite to be discontinued?
It looks like another portable gaming console is about to get the ax (the PSPgo was announced as officially discontinued earlier this week in Japan), and the Nintendo DS Lite has been rumored to suffer the same fate albeit in the US. According to a leaked internal memo from Gamestop, production for the NDS Lite has been discontinued and that whatever is left in stock will be the only stock […]


Nintendo Announces New Colors For Its DSi XL In Japan, And Reduces Price Of Its Portable Consoles
Folks over in Japan who are planning to get hold of a Nintendo DSi or DSi XL (DSi LL in Japan) should be quite happy to hear that the gaming giant has announced three new colors for the Nintendo DSi XL on its homepage today, namely blue, yellow and green. These new models will be available from June 19th in Japan, which is also the same day that Nintendo is […]