We all know that Nintendo has had more or less a continued string of success in the handheld video game industry right from the early days of the Game & Watch to the Game Boy that held its 8-bit ground for a decade or so, while the DS also took the world by storm – so much so that more than 50 million units have already been sold in the US alone. This tally would mean it has outsold the Sony PS2 in the region, making it the most successful console to date.

Not only that, since it was rolled out in 2004, the DS also saw 273 million games for it sold in the US alone according to NPD data. Guess this kind of expectation might just be too much for the Nintendo 3DS to continue with such momentum, even after a rather significant price cut.

Well, I guess the suits at Nintendo are not going to complain since money is still rolling in either way, as long as the consumers do not drift towards the Sony PlayStation Portable as well as the PS Vita. Hopefully Nintendo’s release of Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS later this year will be the killer titles that would help push the console forward in terms of sales.

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