NDS Lite discontinued

It looks like another portable gaming console is about to get the ax (the PSPgo was announced as officially discontinued earlier this week in Japan), and the Nintendo DS Lite has been rumored to suffer the same fate albeit in the US. According to a leaked internal memo from Gamestop, production for the NDS Lite has been discontinued and that whatever is left in stock will be the only stock left for them to sell.

Though it wasn’t mentioned if all stores nationwide that carry the NDS Lite will be following the same practice or if it’s only for GameStop outlets, but it’s about time for the console to retire anyway. The NDS Lite has been around since 2006, and since then it has been superseded by the DSi and the recently released 3DS, so it wouldn’t be a sad occasion when it is finally discontinued – and after all, its cartridges can be played on all versions of the console.

I guess it’s time to start buying up all the NDS Lite consoles you can find and keep them for about 30 years – before you can sell them off on eBay to make a fortune.

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