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San Francisco Will Soon Become First U.S. City To Ban E-Cigarettes
The process to make San Francisco the country’s first city to ban e-cigarettes continues to move along and it seems that the city will soon lay claim to this title. It’s looking to not just ban sales of e-cigarettes but also the manufacturing and distribution in San Francisco. City supervisors have unanimously approved the ban in a preliminary vote even though the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t assessed any such […]

San Francisco Looking To Ban E-Cigarettes
A new law, possibly the first of its kind in the United States, has been proposed by officials in San Francisco to ban sales of e-cigarettes in the state until their health effects have been evaluated by the U.S. government. This unique proposed legislation aims to reduce the rising usage of e-cigarettes among the youth.

Vape Pen Explosion Kills 24-Year-Old Man
Vapes can -in rare cases- blow up and cause great injury. There have been more than a few incidents (like this, this, this or that) and sadly, there’s now an addition to that list. A 24-year-old man has died after his e-cigarette exploded as he was using it.

Some Juul Pods Will No Longer Be Sold At Retail Stores
You may have heard of the Juul e-cigarettes that have been wildly popular over the past year. They don’t actually look like e-cigarettes as the design is very discrete which makes them look more like USB drives than e-cigarettes. That’s one of the reasons behind Juul’s popularity. However, in the wake of increased government scrutiny, Juul has said that it will no longer be selling some of its flavor pods […]


E-Cigarettes Banned On U.S. Navy Ships
E-cigarettes are often relied upon by those who are trying to give up smoking and find it a more viable alternative to other methods like nicotine patches or gums. However, since they are battery powered, it’s not uncommon to hear about e-cigarettes exploding and causing a lot of physical damage to the user. Following incidents of the lithium-ion batteries in e-cigarettes exploding on ships and injuring sailors, the U.S. Navy […]

2 People Injured After E-Cig Explodes On Harry Potter Ride
Are e-cigarettes a “safer” alternative to regular cigarettes? Some studies seem to suggest that, but whether or not those studies are true, there is the question of its safety in the sense that at the heart of it, an e-cigarette is an electronic device that packs a battery. This means that it has the potential to explode if damaged or faulty.