The process to make San Francisco the country’s first city to ban e-cigarettes continues to move along and it seems that the city will soon lay claim to this title. It’s looking to not just ban sales of e-cigarettes but also the manufacturing and distribution in San Francisco. City supervisors have unanimously approved the ban in a preliminary vote even though the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t assessed any such companies yet.

E-cigarette companies have been given until 2021 to apply for a review of their product by the FDA under the agency’s draft guidelines. That’s not going to prevent a final vote from taking place on the matter.

The final vote is scheduled for next week and it’s quite likely that it will pass into law. San Francisco’s city attorney Dennis Herrera said that young adults have “almost indiscriminate access to a product that shouldn’t even be on the market.”

This ban will surely put an end to that. The ban is likely to hit Juul the hardest, one of the most popular e-cigarette companies in the country. It’s headquarters is in the city’s port and while its sales will take a hit in San Francisco, the company will still be able to maintain its offices.

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