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Amazon UK Lists Bethesda E3 2014 Dummy Games
Does Bethesda have a new game that we can look forward to at E3 2014? Maybe, maybe not, but it seems that Amazon is expecting Bethesda to show off something. This is thanks to a listing on Amazon UK’s website where they have listed an entire range of “Bethesda E3 2014 Dummy” games for a variety of platforms.So far we haven’t really heard anything about possible Bethesda-related announcements, so it […]

Fallout 4 Will Not Be Announced At E3 2014
With the popularity of the Fallout franchise, safe to say that there has been a lot of Fallout 4-related rumors in the past couple of years. Back in 2013 the Fallout 4 trademark was filed, and there was even a teaser website which turned out to be a fake. So what’s the deal? Could we be looking forward to a Fallout 4-related announcement soon?Well it seems like we weren’t the […]

Ubisoft To Announce Five Games At E3 2014
E3 2014 is nearly upon us and you know what that means, it means that we can look forward to hearing about new games, maybe new hardware, new accessories, and whatnot. Now if you’re a fan of Ubisoft’s games, you might be pleased to learn that the company has recently confirmed that they will be announcing five games at the conference, although unfortunately none of them will be for Nintendo’s […]

EA To Reveal Six New Games At E3 2014
Heads up gamers, if you were looking forward to new games coming from EA, you might want to check back with us during E3 2014 because according to Spike TV’s Geoff Keighley, it seems that EA will have six new games that they will be announcing during the event. The announcement will be broadcasted live on Spike TV, so we guess you guys can tune in to see what EA […]


Microsoft Has Pre-E3 Announcements Planned
Microsoft’s E3 2014 conference will be held on the 9th of June and we’re sure many are looking forward to it. So far we have heard rumors of what could be unveiled, with one of the announcements to be about Halo 5: Guardians, which was announced just last week.Well the good news is that you don’t have to wait until E3 itself because according to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, they are […]

Sony's E3 Press Conference Confirmed For 9th June
Are you looking forward to E3 2014? We know we are, after all there’s probably going to be a ton of new games being announced, new gameplay footage, trailers, and even hands-on demos of some games, so who wouldn’t be excited, right? Now if you’re a Sony PS4 gamer, you might be pleased to learn that Sony has officially confirmed the date of their E3 announcements.According to the invites that […]

Microsoft's E3 2014 Announcements Leaked [Unverified]
The E3 conference is coming up next month. Gamers around the world are anxiously waiting to see what announcements will be made. Earlier today Sony’s E3 announcements were leaked through an unverified source. Hot on its heels another unverified source has now come up with Microsoft’s E3 2014 announcements. Since none of this is official yet its best to take all of this information with a grain of salt.

Sony's E3 Announcements Possibly Revealed [Rumor]
E3 is probably the biggest video game expo of the year and we’re about a month away from it taking place. Now we expect that major companies, developers, and publishers to make some announcements and take the stage, as well as have demos for gamers to try out. Now for Sony fans, the folks at DualShockers have recently claimed to have been tipped off by an anonymous source as to […]

Xbox E3 2014 Press Event This June 9th
It is slightly more than a month away from the annual E3 event that will be held in Los Angeles later this year. What makes E3 so important? For starters, it happens to be the single biggest event in the video game industry, and Microsoft intends to make the mos of the situation later next month by holding a press event on Monday, June 9th, over at the Galen Center […]

Nintendo To Announce New Hardware At E3 [Rumor] [Updated]
The Nintendo 3DS console and the Wii U aren’t exactly “old” by any means. In fact the Wii U is expected to be Nintendo’s take on next-gen consoles, although it seems that the console isn’t exactly doing very well at the moment. That being said, there are rumors floating about that suggests that Nintendo could unveil new hardware at E3 2014.As you might have learnt from our previous report, Nintendo […]

Nintendo Will Make E3 2014 Announcements Via Digital Platform
If you were hoping to hear some announcements from Nintendo during E3 2014, you probably will, except that Nintendo won’t be there themselves to deliver said announcements. Instead Nintendo has revealed that they will be delivering their E3 announcements via a digital event of their own.This is not a bad idea since it allows gamers from around the world to stream Nintendo’s event, which may or may not be available […]

Nintendo E3 2014 Press Conference Not Happening
For the first time Nintendo announced last year that it would not hold the traditional press conference at E3 2013. The announcement came directly from company president Satoru Iwata who said that Nintendo would instead hold smaller events geared towards different regions. The company appears to be making this a trend. It has now confirmed that the Nintendo E3 2014 press conference isn’t going to happen.

Microsoft Trademarks Filed Are Game-Related
It is under two months before the spectacle that we know as E3 2014 will happen, and since this happens to be the biggest single trade show event in the video game industry each year, it would be interesting to find out that Microsoft executives have in store. So far, they have dropped hints hinted that there will be plenty of new game announcements in this year’s show that is […]

Uncharted 4 Rumored For E3 2014 Reveal
It was back in 2011 that the folks at Naughty Dog released Uncharted 3 but since then we’re sure many are wondering what has become of the franchise and if we might see an Uncharted 4 in the near future. The good news is that the game is apparently alive and well, at least according to industry insider, Tidux, who recently tweeted that the game is expected to make an […]

Halo News Will Be Shared At E3, According To Phil Spencer
If there is one title that gamers are looking forward to this year, it might be the next Halo title from Microsoft. Earlier this year, Microsoft actually reassured gamers that Halo 5 would be on track for a release in 2014, but a later rumor suggested that the game might be pushed to 2015 instead.Naturally this is not good news for fans of the franchise who might be looking forward […]