Ever heard of Deepak Chopra before? This New Age guru has written plenty of books over the years, not to mention having released plenty of audio content in the form of cassettes (back when they were in vogue, of course) as well as CDs, and is more than happy rolling around in plenty of cash. Well, his Kama Sutra and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Love tome is nothing short of a lavishly illustrated book, and it has been converted into the digital format, being made available to different platforms such as Graphicly, Nook, Android, Sony E-Reader and Amazon. The entire book will be fully illustrated (after all, a picture paints a thousand words), sporting lavish paintings that are the handiwork of Indian artists who have been hand selected by Chopra, says publisher Liquid Comics and online site Intent.com.

According to Chopra, “The Kama Sutra is many things: a manual for lovemaking, a venerable ancient text of India and to prudes throughout the ages, a scandal. Can it also be described as an inspiring spiritual text? I strongly believe it can.” if you want a Facebook version of it, you can also pick up the e-book here. Are you for or against e-books, or only for a certain segment of content that should see publishing on a digital platform?

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