Google invests $100m in the world’s largest wind farm

Google seems to be hell-bent on world domination… in a safe clean way at least. The company has been reported to have invested $100m in the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in Oregon. The latest investment follows previous investments in clean energy after the $168 million solar power tower last week, and the German solar plant the week before.When the Shepherds Flat wind farm is completed in 2012, it will produce […]

Solar3D is one step closer to a prototype 3D solar cell

We’ve previously talked about Solar3D before; a startup focused on creating 3D solar cells. Instead of having flat panels of solar cells like we currently do now, Solar3D had plans to create a 3D shape for a solar cell so that it can be used to trap sunlight where they bounce around until they are converted into electrons – increasing the efficiency of such solar panels in the future. Well […]

Cincinnati Zoo uses solar panels to go greener

In an attempt to go even greener, the Cincinnati Zoo has recently installed a large array of solar panels to feed electricity to the zoo. The installation consists of over 6,400 solar panels over the zoo’s carpark, covering 800/1,000 parking spots and sits 15 to 18 feet high. Touted as the country’s largest and most publicly accessible solar-power system, it was also designed to increase awareness towards solar energy for […]

Artificial leaves can power homes in the future

Whenever you hear about artificial plants, the first thing that pops into mind would be those fake plastic flowers that you display indoors and away from sunlight. In the future, that might not be the case anymore. Some experts at the American Chemical Society recently presented the world’s first functional, efficient, artificial leaf. Created by silicon, electronics, and catalysts, it is thinner than a poker card. But instead of using […]


Fujitsu power strip and gateway lets you monitor your power consumption

If you’re paranoid about which devices in your house are drawing the most power, you might need an energy consumption monitor to keep an eye on things. Fujitsu recognizes the need for such devices and has recently introduced two new items that help to take care of such problems – a power strip FX-5204PS and a gateway FX-5250GW. These power strips and gateways function just like their regular counterparts, except […]

Retractable Mobile Solar Unit can be used to provide electricity in emergencies

If there’s one thing inconvenient about solar panels it’s that they’re huge and impractical to bring around with you. Well the folks in OS, Japan, have come up with something called the Mobile Solar Unit GSR-110B – a portable power generation system that makes use of solar power to recharge its batteries. What’s interesting about this device is that it has a retractable solar panel that users can easily pull […]

A polar bear that changes color according to how you use your energy

GE (General Electric)’s ecomagination challenge has some pretty interesting submissions to help save the environment and one of them is this Polar Bear soft toy that changes colors according to the energy usage in the house. All you have to do is leave the bear plugged in, and it detects how much energy your house is using. It turns green when the energy usage levels in the home are good, […]

Hot Liner solar cookers: so you don’t have to start fires anymore

Don’t you just hate it when you’re out camping and you can’t seem to get a fire going to boil some water or cook your food? Wish there was an easier way that didn’t require you bring a portable stove around? Two Korean designers have come up with a solution to the problem – solar powered cooking stoves. Granted, they aren’t exactly a new invention, but they’ve managed to pull […]

3D Solar cells will make solar energy efficient

Solar energy – a renewable energy source that hasn’t been too popular due to its low efficiency and high cost of implementation. And that’s because of our current solar panel designs – they just don’t trap the sunlight well enough. Up to 30% of incident sunlight is reflected off the surface of conventional cells themselves. Solar3D Inc, a startup focused on solar energy has designed the solar cells of the […]

Horizon Hydrofill Hydrogen Refueling and Storage Solution

[CES 2010] We published about Horizon Hydrofill, when it was announced prior to CES on Jan. 4th, and we got a chance to see the device at the show. Hydrofill is a major fuel cell innovation, allowing everyone to have a personal hydrogen generator and portable hydrogen cartridges. The Hydrofill system basically extracts hydrogen from water using electrolysis, and store it in the Hydrostick solid hydrogen cartridges. 60 W DC […]

Microsoft Hohm: Energy Conservation 2.0

In nine hours, Microsoft will officially announce Hohm, a web-based service that has been created to help people and utilities companies manage energy more efficiently. The official announcement will be made at the Edison Electric Institute utility industry conference, at 9am (PT) on Wednesday. Hohm works by tracking one’s energy consumption and providing some optimization advices, based on the information that is provided by the user, or by sensors. Hohm […]

Transparent Solar Panels For Windows And More

Installing solar panels on the roof is great, but Windows offer additional sun-gathering surface that can be exploited with Konarka’s transparent (or translucent, we should say) solar panels called Arch Active Solar Glass. The idea is to slide these in double pane windows for example, but you can imagine all kinds of applications as they are made of flexible plastic and don’t really need to be protected by glass. There […]