Artificial leafWhenever you hear about artificial plants, the first thing that pops into mind would be those fake plastic flowers that you display indoors and away from sunlight. In the future, that might not be the case anymore. Some experts at the American Chemical Society recently presented the world’s first functional, efficient, artificial leaf. Created by silicon, electronics, and catalysts, it is thinner than a poker card. But instead of using sunlight and water to create food for the plant, the artificial leaf uses sunlight and water to convert it into electricity. Like some sort of advanced solar panel, when the leaf is placed inside a gallon of water under a sunny sky, it can produce enough electricity for a household’s daily needs. These artificial leaves are designed to help out poor developing countries that need an inexpensive source of electricity, and could eventually replace our current means of generating electricity in the future. Hopefully something that will happen sooner than later.

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