Horizon Hydrofill Hydrogen Refueling and Storage Solution

[CES 2010] We published about Horizon Hydrofill, when it was announced prior to CES on Jan. 4th, and we got a chance to see the device at the show. Hydrofill is a major fuel cell innovation, allowing everyone to have a personal hydrogen generator and portable hydrogen cartridges. The Hydrofill system basically extracts hydrogen from water using electrolysis, and store it in the Hydrostick solid hydrogen cartridges. 60 W DC power is enoufght to extract 10 liters of Hydrogen per hour and fill one of the Hydrostick cartrigdge.Using the cartridge, you can charge your cellphone, or laprtop or any device with USB connector. According to Horizon, the metal hydride alloys contained in the cartridge absorb hydrogen into their crystalline structure and creates the highest volumetric energy density of any form of hydrogen storage. Horrizon Hydrofill can be powered by AC power, a solar panel or a small wind turbine.

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