enterprise-officeThere are many different kinds of questions that are sure to be asked in life, and this particular one certainly deserves its place. After all, if you have an insane amount of money, would you want to refurbish your home to have it look like that of the U.S.S. Enterprise starship from the Star Trek series? A certain Tim Baker and his crew as featured on the “Super-Fan Builds” web series have come together to work out a “Star Trek” Enterprise home office for super-fan Jake Geiger, and this was made possible thanks to his girlfriend Christina Haberkern who nominated him.

You can tell from a glance that Geiger is a super fan, since his office is packed to the brim with “Star Trek” collectibles, and his girlfriend (how sweet of her) guessed it would not be too far off the mark to ask the “Super-Fan Builds” crew to come up with something – it is the logical thing to do, and even Spock himself would have taken such a move.

A desk that makes use of the main disc of the classic U.S.S. Enterprise as the model is central to the entire, overall design, while the remainder of the “ship” was used to churn out a chair that Captain Kirk would be more than glad to take his place. This highly detailed computer desk would feature heavy-duty foam and fiberglass resin, and it even boasts of an USB hub. Sounds as inspired as a certain Chinese game developer, don’t you think so?

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