Schiller X1 Water Bike Lets You Cycle On Water

It goes without saying that leading a healthy lifestyle is definitely something that is worth doing, since it will help prolong the good life here on earth, not to mention that falling sick does prove to be quite a big hit on our pockets in the long run. Have you seen just how much those hospitals charge in terms of medical bills lately? However, in order to exercise well, we […]

Slim your chin with this crazy device from Japan

While Japan must be commended for coming up with some of the crazier inventions, and having this resilient mindset that allows them to bounce back from hardship and disaster easily, they do, too, come up with their fair share of quirky (read: useless) gadgets from time to time. Today is one of those days, and while it does not seem to make much sense at all, there is the novelty […]

Waterrower Rowing Machine

While swimming is a great non-impact sport that does help exercise just about every major muscle group in your body, are there any other alternatives if you do not like to get 100% wet? The Waterrower Rowing Machine could very well be the answer to your problem, being one of the most effective workouts around. Heck, you need not have to go to court in a lawsuit against the founder […]

Treadmills up the realism ante

When it comes to running on a treadmill, you might be in the comfort of your own home, pounding away while racking up those miles with your pair of running shoes, but one thing that is surely but sorely missing would be missing out on real world beauty, that is, having the cool morning breeze go against your face, while you watch a flock of birds flying across your head, […]


Wattbike partners with CrossFit Endurance for a fitter you

We know that we are well into the second half of the year, and sometimes, the thoughts of your New Year’s resolution(s) do flit across your mind from time to time. Well, instead of moping about it, why not redeem yourself as there are still five more months to go before 2012 rolls around and the world ends? There are many ways to go about it, and cycling might appeal […]

Shed Those Pounds While You Work With The Elliptical Machine Office Desk

So a lot us use the excuse that we work too much, that’s why we find it difficult to find the time to make a trip to the gym. We also use excuses like we’re tired, or we have to wake up early, etc. If you’ve used those excuses, chances are you probably know a couple more, but with the introduction of the Elliptical Machine Office Desk, it looks like your […]

Sony Ericsson announces Xperia active

In addition to the Xperia ray, Sony Ericsson introduced yet another phone to its Xperia line up. This time it’s the Xperia active – an Android phone with a rugged design to match consumers’ active lifestyles. With a small form factor that is reminiscent of some old school feature phones from the company, it features a rugged-looking body that’s more than just about looks. The compact smartphone has a 3″ […]

TWEET_FIT encourages home exercise

It is always the beginning of the year that sees the most number of new gym memberships being purchased by the masses simply because all of the feasting that happened during the holiday season is back with a vengeance – we’re talking about gaining all the pounds that you’ve strived to shed throughout the whole year. You might be so pumped up about your gym sessions every single day, at […]

IDEA Micro Gem Headphones are designed to stay in your ears

Don’t you get so annoyed when you’re listening to your favorite song while running, and when it comes to the best part, your headphones slip off because you picked up the pace? Most headphones aren’t designed for you to wear while you’re bouncing up and down on the tarmac on the road or a treadmill in the gym. It’s about time you got one. Well, the folks over at IDEA […]

ArmKeypad from NEC lets you issue commands by tapping your arm

The folks over at NEC recently unveiled a new method of command input. Called the NEC ArmKeypad, these unique sensors are strapped around your arm and allow you to issue commands by tapping different places on your arm. Designed to replace gesture commands that are sometimes hard to remember, the NEC ArmKeypad can be applied to portable media players – for your to change tracks or adjust the volume while […]

Solar-powered LED T-shirt keeps you motivated to move

If you don’t like the idea of a trainer or somebody telling you to get out of the house to run some laps, maybe a less aggressive reminder would do the trick. How about a solar-powered LED shirt instead? Lingon from Instructables recently posted up the instructions on how to create a Motivational Moody Workout T-Shirt. It is a simple but interesting concept that could be used to help people […]

GymyGym helps keep you fit and trim in your collectible

In today’s frenzied working environment, not many of us can find the time to get enough exercise. The GymyGym is here to help you out, where this fitness gadget will merge with office furniture capability, letting you experience a full body workout without having to go elsewhere from your cubicle. This unique exercise chair is touted to be the first of its kind in the world, boasting an excellent full-body […]

Charge Your Mobile Phone By Walking With These New Shoes

The smart folks over at the Louisiana Tech University are busy working on new voltage regulation circuits that can convert a piezoelectric charge into usable voltage for charging batteries or directly powering electronics. With this technology, a device can be fit into the heel of a running shoe, allowing users to generate electricity as they walk, which hopefully will be enough to power your flat mobile phone when you’re lost […]

NordicTrack x7i Interactive Incline Trainer

Just when you thought that a regular treadmill is all you want for Christmas, along comes the NordicTrack x7i Interactive Incline Trainer which will definitely leave you salivating for more – much more. After all, it has to justify its $2,000 price tag, where it boasts Wi-Fi connectivity to hook up to iFit Live, a fitness database which pulls actual trail and marathon routes from Google Maps. All these corresponding […]