While Japan must be commended for coming up with some of the crazier inventions, and having this resilient mindset that allows them to bounce back from hardship and disaster easily, they do, too, come up with their fair share of quirky (read: useless) gadgets from time to time. Today is one of those days, and while it does not seem to make much sense at all, there is the novelty factor that might just appeal to the curious. If you have accumulated more fat under your chin due to the recent pig-outs over the holiday season and want to find a way to lose the double chin, then you might want to check out the “Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exercise – Beauty anti-aging face neck jaw pain gadget”. All you need to do is place it under your chin, press it down and hold it for 10 seconds. Take a break (without sneaking in a slice of pizza) and repeat the process for 3 minutes each day.


Doing so purportedly works out the frontal part of your neck muscles, and that leads to the claim that your aches and cramps will go away, ensuring your sagging skin recedes to make you look younger (and perhaps fitter). The $136 price point is definitely a turn off – I think I would let someone else with deeper pockets give it a go first.

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