The Motivational Moody Workout T-Shirt

If you don’t like the idea of a trainer or somebody telling you to get out of the house to run some laps, maybe a less aggressive reminder would do the trick. How about a solar-powered LED shirt instead? Lingon from Instructables recently posted up the instructions on how to create a Motivational Moody Workout T-Shirt. It is a simple but interesting concept that could be used to help people get into the mood for running. The T-shirt has a bunch of LEDs on the front that attempt to motivate you. Once you get out into the sunlight, the LEDs power up and show a sad smiley. When start moving, a ball tilt sensor detects your movement and if it recognizes that you’re running, the face on your shirt lights up to give you a smiley. So if you want to keep the smiley on the face, you’ll need to keep moving. How’s that for motivation? Find out how to create your own Motivational Moody Workout T-Shirt here.

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