It is always the beginning of the year that sees the most number of new gym memberships being purchased by the masses simply because all of the feasting that happened during the holiday season is back with a vengeance – we’re talking about gaining all the pounds that you’ve strived to shed throughout the whole year. You might be so pumped up about your gym sessions every single day, at least for three months before things start to go downhill. Enter the TWEET_FIT – a conceptual design from Fraser Spowart, a product design student who is currently attached to the University of Dundee.

What does the TWEET_FIT offer? For starters, it will encourage ordinary folk like you and I to exercise at home, which is always a good start since sometimes, waking up so early in the morning just to drive to the gym and sweat it out can be so much more inconvenient. With a universal design that allows this device to be attached to any dumbbell, you will be able to choose from offline or online modes, where the offline mode was specially designed to guide the user through the perfect bicep curl. When you think you’ve mastered this, why not give the online mode a go instead?

To activate online mode, all you need to do is pick up the dumbbell with the device attached, where your Twitter feed will automatically update everyone else that you have started to work those muscles of yours. Flashing green lights will indicate that your message has been sent. The moment you’re done with your exercise, just place the dumbbell down, and another tweet will be sent so that the world will know you’ve stopped your sweat out session – for now, at least.

This might just spur you on, since you wouldn’t want to be known as someone who works out for just 5 minutes before giving up, do you? Made from rapid prototyped ABS, it comprises of two sections that click together. Too bad this is but a concept at the moment – any takers to turn it into reality?

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