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Eyefi Mobi Pro SD Card Wirelessly Syncs RAW Photos
Professional photographers tend to shoot in RAW as this allows them to play around with the image in programs like Lightroom. RAW files are not suited to casual photographers as most of them aren’t simply interested enough in putting that much time in perfecting their photographs. Eyefi’s new Mobi Pro SD card is for the professionals. Not only is it capable of handling RAW files but it can also hook up […]

Eyefi Mobile Apps & Eyefi Cloud To Be Available To Olympus WiFi Cameras
[CES 2015] Listen up! If you happen to be an avid shutterbug and make use of of Olympus WiFi cameras, then you ought to be pleased as punch to know that you can capture photos using your WiFi-enabled cameras, only to have those very same photos available on your mobile device so that you can perform other functions such as editing, organizing and sharing and synchronizing them via Eyefi Cloud […]

Eyefi Mobi Card And Eyefi Cloud Available At Best Buy
For those who have had an eye (pardon the pun) on Eyefi’s Mobi 16GB WiFi Card as well as a year’s worth of membership for Eyefi Cloud will now be able to pick those up as a package deal in more than 900 Best Buy retail locations, making things a whole lot more convenient and easier for you, now how about that?

Eyefi Cloud Introduced
We have seen our fair share of Eyefi products in the past, and this time around, the global leader in digital camera connectivity has unveiled Eyefi Cloud. This is not a personal project by Nick Fury, but rather, Eyefi Cloud happens to be a private photo-centric cloud service which would allow recently captured photos to be instantly available on a smartphone, tablet, PC or smart TV. Yes sir, the Eyefi […]


Eye-Fi Windows Desktop Receiver Does Away With Need For SD Card Reader
Are you a huge fan of the Eye-Fi range of products? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to find out the introduction of the Eye-Fi Windows Desktop Receiver does have its fair share of benefits, and among them would include doing away with the need for an SD memory card reader. The Windows Desktop Receiver has been released for the Eye-Fi Mobi (which happened […]

Eye-Fi Mobile Apps and Direct Mode
[CES 2011] To accelerate photo sharing, Eye-Fi Direct mode, and new Mobile Apps. The idea behind Direct Mode is that your camera can transmit photos directly to your mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet… when supported). The photos will then appear is if they had been shot with the mobile device, thus making it easy to share with a mobile application like Flickr or Facebook. With the Eye-Fi mobile apps, users […]

Eye-Fi Updates Its iOS App To Support iOS 4.x
Eye-Fi is mainly known for its Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards, and now the company has updated its free iPhone/iPod touch app to work with iOS 4.x, allowing supported devices to wirelessly transfer photos and videos to popular photo- and video-sharing sites such as Facebook, Evernote, Flickr, Kodak Gallery, MobileMe, Movable Type, Picasa, Photobucket, YouTube and many more. The catch is that the app only supports registered owners of an Eye-Fi card, […]

Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB hits CES
[CES 2010] We’ve seen our fair share of Eye-Fi devices in the past, and this time round the company has unveiled its latest product – the 8GB Eye-Fi Pro X2. Powered by Eye-Fi’s proprietary X2 engine, it brings high-end memory card performance to another level by keeping shutterbugs happy with its increased storage capacity and Class 6 performance that provides superior read/write speeds, alongside even zippier wireless photo and video […]

Eye-Fi releases 2GB Eye-Fi Geo
Are you a sucker for details and want to make sure that every image you take comes with information of the specific location? Eye-Fi’s latest 2GB Geo fills this gap, as the SD card is able to perform automatic geotagging of photos uploaded from a digital camera to the Internet. This geotagging service will be included for life, and is available exclusively through Apple stores and online. Perhaps this has […]