eyefi-desktopAre you a huge fan of the Eye-Fi range of products? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to find out the introduction of the Eye-Fi Windows Desktop Receiver does have its fair share of benefits, and among them would include doing away with the need for an SD memory card reader. The Windows Desktop Receiver has been released for the Eye-Fi Mobi (which happened to have launched in the earlier part of the year), where this brand new app would enable users to choose between sending photos over to a compatible desktop or smartphone device.

This spanking new app would hopefully make the entire process a whole lot easier to enjoy compared to the previous Class 10 X2. Apparently, it is so simple, that all one needs to do is to enter a 10-digit activation code, and you are more or less good to go as you check out how your devices would be able to pair up with one another sans wires. The software, which is in beta at the moment, will be free to use, while we have also heard word that there is an OS X version that is also in the pipeline. [Download Link]

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