Professional photographers tend to shoot in RAW as this allows them to play around with the image in programs like Lightroom. RAW files are not suited to casual photographers as most of them aren’t simply interested enough in putting that much time in perfecting their photographs. Eyefi’s new Mobi Pro SD card is for the professionals. Not only is it capable of handling RAW files but it can also hook up to local Wi-Fi networks.

Eyefi has offered many SD cards in the past that were capable of doing what the new Mobi Pro does. This is the first time that these features have been brought over to the Mobi line which Eyefi says is much easier to get up and running as opposed to those cards.

Selective sync is a new feature that’s present in Mobi Pro. It lets users select the photos that they want to sync wirelessly. Other cards from Eyefi just sync all of the photos automatically.

However to choose photos that are to be synced users will have to mark each one for write protection directly on the camera, a procedure that’s going to take a while.

Eyefi is only offering the Class 10 model Mobi Pro in 32GB storage option for $99.99. It replaces the company’s Pro X2 card. Customers will get one year access to the company’s cloud storage service which usually costs $49.99 per year for unlimited storage.

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