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Facebook Introduces Some Restrictions For Live Video Streaming
You can instantly stream live video on Facebook with the Facebook Live feature and following the horrific terrorist attack in New Zealand which was streamed live on the platform, the world’s largest social network is now rolling out some restrictions for Facebook Live. The company says that it has been reviewing what more it can do to limit its services from being used to spread hate, hence these restrictions.

You Can Now Live Stream With A Friend On Facebook Live
Facebook Live enables users to broadcast video to their friends and followers live from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. The world’s largest social network announced today that it’s now enabling users to live stream with a friend. Facebook Live can now be used to share the live stream screen with a friend even if they’re in a completely different part of the world.

Facebook Goes After Fake Live Videos
You might have come across fake live videos on Facebook once or twice. They’re basically static images or animated and looping videos that give the impression that something is being streamed live when it really isn’t. Facebook has had enough of this and it’s now going to after fake live videos.

Facebook Live Hosts Yet Another Murder
Facebook Live has already been used to live stream several brutal acts of violence including but not limited to murders and even as Facebook tries to improve the detection and removal process of such videos, it’s easier said than done. The previous case is still fresh in our memories and there has been another one in which a Thai man took his own daughter’s life and streamed it live on […]


Facebook Live Used Once Again To Broadcast Homicide Live
As live streaming platforms become popular it’s becoming evident that they have a dark side as well. There have been plenty of cases of violence being live streamed. Last year, a man named Antonio Perkins from Chicago was shot to death while he was using Facebook Live to share what appeared to be any other evening. The Cleveland Police Department has confirmed today that it’s now looking for a suspect […]

Facebook 360 Live Streaming Now Open To All Users
It has long been possible to broadcast a live stream on Facebook so that your followers can see where you’re at and what you’re up to. It has also been testing Live 360 which basically allows users to do the same thing but by using a 360 degree camera. Facebook today confirmed that it has opened up 360 degree live streams to all users. They just need to have the […]

Heroes Of The Dorm eSport Tournament Exclusive To Facebook Live
Blizzard today confirmed that the Heroes of the Dorm eSport tournament is going to be a Facebook Live exclusive. The tournament is going to be broadcast live on Facebook’s platform. Heroes of the Dorm is based on Blizzard’s popular Heroes of the Storm game. It’s a unique tournament in which college teams from the United States and Canada compete for a chance to win free tuition at their university.

Android Apps Can Now Be Streamed On Facebook Live
Mobile gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry and as is the case with PC and console games, people like to record videos of their gameplay or stream the action. It can be a bit time consuming to set up a mobile game stream via Twitch, harder still with Facebook Live, but it’s getting much easier today. Bluestacks has added a Facebook Live option to its Android emulator for desktop which […]

Live Stream 2016 Presidential Debates On Facebook Courtesy ABC News
It’s election season in the United States and political activities are heating up across the country as both parties have finalized their nominees and are now looking for the ultimate showdown this November. Presidential debates are a glorious tradition of the election cycle and both candidates will soon be going up against each other. If you don’t happen to own a TV rest assured as you will be able to […]

Tumblr Live Video Service To Launch Soon
It appears that Tumblr is on the verge of launching a new live video service. Some evidence has surfaced online from a promotional page for this as yet unannounced service, which reveals that Tumblr is looking to compete against the likes of Periscope, Twitch, and Facebook Live. Live video streaming services are gaining traction these days so perhaps Tumblr sees significant growth potential to pursue something similar.

Teens Reportedly Skip Class To Live Stream Sex On Facebook
In this day and age, parents worry about their underage children and their internet use. It’s no secret that young adults are routinely subject to harassment and bullying online, things that have led some of them to harm themselves while some teens fail to comprehend the repercussions of their actions online. According to a report out of Milwaukee, three teens skipped class to live stream themselves having sex on Facebook.