Facebook Live has already been used to live stream several brutal acts of violence including but not limited to murders and even as Facebook tries to improve the detection and removal process of such videos, it’s easier said than done. The previous case is still fresh in our memories and there has been another one in which a Thai man took his own daughter’s life and streamed it live on Facebook.

Reuters reports that the man put a rope around his 11-month-old daughter’s neck and threw her over the side of a building. He streamed this brutal act live via Facebook Live. He didn’t stream his own suicide, though, but Thai police say that he did commit suicide soon after killing his daughter.

There were two clips of the little girl’s murder which remained online on Facebook for more than 24 hours before the social network removed them after the Thai Ministry of Digital Economy made a request. In the time the videos were up they racked up more than 370,000 views.

It’s sadly becoming unsurprising now to see people use Facebook Live to showcase their acts of violence, whether it’s assault, rape, murder or even suicide. Facebook has been trying to improve its detection and removal mechanisms but it’s evident that a lot more needs to be done to prevent Facebook Live from being used for this purpose.

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