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Facebook Messenger Crosses 1.3 Billion Users
I still remember how many people disliked Facebook’s decision to unbundle messaging from its core mobile app. It launched a separate Facebook Messenger app that enabled users to chat with their friends and family on Facebook. The social network had a larger vision for Messenger and we’ve seen that being revealed to us in the past couple of years. Facebook Messenger is a hit now and its rise continues. Messenger […]

Facebook Snooze Button Lets You Temporarily Mute People
All of us have people in our Facebook networks that we like to remain connected to. However, it’s common for some of those people to fill our News Feeds with photos and posts that we might get tired of after a certain amount of time. Facebook has come up with a solution that prevents us from permanently unfollowing those people but lets us regain some sanity by muting them. In […]

Facebook's Standalone Video Chat App Enters Testing
We first heard about Facebook’s Bonfire app earlier this year in July. It was revealed that the company had developed a standalone video chat app. The app has now entered testing. Facebook has quietly released it on the Danish iOS App Store. Those who have a compatible device in the region can now try Facebook’s Bonfire video chat app.

Facebook Removes Instant Articles From Messenger
Facebook’s Instant Articles platform is meant to change the way its users read and pay for news on the world’s largest social network. The company continues to tweak just how it uses this platform to present publishers’ content across different mediums. It has now been confirmed the Instant Articles have been removed from Messenger. The platform was previously available on Facebook’s standalone messaging app.


Facebook Testing Instant Video Feature For Android
Facebook’s Instant Articles are actually a pretty nifty feature and it does cut down a lot of loading time, especially when you’re on the go and you don’t want to waste precious seconds (or even a minute) waiting for an article to load. Now it looks like Facebook is trying to replicate that except with video.

Facebook Testing A Tinder-Like Feature For Messenger
Asking a friend to meet up and hanging out isn’t particularly difficult, but it seems that Facebook wants to make it easier. In a report from Motherboard, it seems that the social networking platform is testing out a new feature for its Messenger app that will make it easier for friends to meet up with each other.

Instagram Testing Letting Users Post Stories Directly To Facebook
It is safe to say that out of all the platforms that Facebook launched the Stories feature on, only Instagram seems to be having the most success with it, with Facebook and WhatsApp being pretty much ghost towns as far as Stories are concerned. We guess this shouldn’t be surprising given that the different apps are used for different reasons.

Facebook Watch Goes Live For Everyone In The United States
It has long been reported that Facebook is going to create a dedicated section on its website where it will host all of the original programming that it has been working on. It was later confirmed that this dedicated section will be called Facebook Watch. The company today confirmed that Facebook Watch is now available to everyone in the United States.

Facebook Might Make It Easier To Add Copyrighted Music To Videos
According to a new report, Facebook is offering major record labels and music publishers hundreds of millions of dollars so that the billion-plus users of its social network can legally add songs in the videos that they upload to the social network. This will eliminate the need for Facebook to comply with requests to take down videos that feature tracks that haven’t been licensed.

Facebook Using AI To Help Improve 360-Degree Photos
Not all photos are taken equally. There are some who are more skilled at composition a shot and editing it, while some don’t really care and just upload whatever they capture, blurry photo or not. However Facebook wants to change that, or at least help users improve their photos when it comes to 360-degree photo uploads.

Facebook Pages Spreading Fake News Won't Be Able To Buy Ads
Facebook has been taking concrete steps to tackle the fake news problem on its platform. The company today announced that it’s no longer going to allow Pages that spread fake news to buy ads. It will actively block Pages from advertising on the site as long as they’re spreading fake news. It already doesn’t allow advertisers to run ads that link to stories that have been marked false by third-party […]

Facebook Instant Articles Subscriptions Confirmed
It was reported recently that Facebook might enable subscriptions in Instant Articles and the world’s largest social network has confirmed that today. Facebook users will soon be able to subscribe to publications after they’re read their stories in the Instant Articles section. Facebook will start testing Instant Articles subscriptions later this year in the fall.

Younger Teens Reportedly Losing Interest In Facebook
Facebook may not be as appealing to younger teens as it once was if a new report is to be believed. eMarketer has released a new report which predicts that Facebook is going to see a decline in usage by the 12-to-17-year-old demographic this year. It’s a big deal because this is the first time that eMarketer has predicted a decline in Facebook usage for any demographic.

Facebook Is Making Safety Check A Permanent Feature
You might have noticed that Facebook has a Safety Check feature which basically allows users to mark themselves as “safe” when they are in an area in which an incident has occurred, whether it be a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, and so on. The general idea is that it will help keep their families informed on their safety and provide some sense of relief and assurance.