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Facebook Is Making Safety Check A Permanent Feature
You might have noticed that Facebook has a Safety Check feature which basically allows users to mark themselves as “safe” when they are in an area in which an incident has occurred, whether it be a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, and so on. The general idea is that it will help keep their families informed on their safety and provide some sense of relief and assurance.

Facebook Testing Out ‘Featured Topic’ Customized Links
It’s no secret that social media platforms like Facebook have been changing its News Feed to better deliver content that they think is relevant to you, which is why different people’s News Feeds look different from yours. Now it seems that Facebook is taking that customization further by testing out a new feature called “Featured Topic”.

Facebook Will Eliminate Video Clickbait From News Feed
Facebook continues to tweak its News Feed to ensure that its billions of users across the globe only see stories and posts that are most relevant to them and their interests. It continues to ensure that low-quality posts are downranked and that users don’t have to deal with spam in their News Feed, which is where they spend the majority of their time on the world’s largest social network. Video […]

Facebook Updates Its News Feed To Make It More Legible
Given that our phones have displays smaller than our computer monitors, this means that this is something that needs to be taken into consideration when designing apps. Now if you’ve always felt that Facebook’s News Feed was always a bit hard to read on mobile, you’ll be pleased to learn that Facebook is now doing something about it.


Facebook Marketplace Expands To 17 New European Countries
Facebook might be known primarily as a social networking platform where its initial goal was to connect university students together, although over the years the platform has evolved to encompass more than just that and has served as a platform to watch videos, get the news, and even buy/sell things.

Facebook Releases Trending News Section On Mobile
Continuing with its mission to become the go-to online destination for people who not only want to see what’s up with their friends and family but what’s up in the world as well, Facebook today started rolling out a new Trending News section on mobile. The Trending News section gets its very own link in the mobile app’s main navigation. The new section is being rolled out to users in […]

Facebook Has Secretly Been Testing An App In China
Facebook connects billions of people across the globe but it has so far not been able to gain any ground in the world’s most populated country. China has banned Facebook since 2009 go so the social network has no official presence in the country that counts more than a billion people as its citizens. This doesn’t mean that the social network sits around and does nothing. According to a new […]

Facebook Launches ‘Watch’, A New Platform To Watch Shows On
We know that Facebook, just like Apple, is looking to get into producing original video content, or at least hosting it on its platform, which is why the announcement of the Facebook Watch platform doesn’t really come as a surprise as it seems to be in line with what Facebook has been trying to achieve recently.

Facebook Uses AI To Detect Fake Ads
Have you ever clicked on an ad for a particular product only to be given the round around and taken to somewhere else entirely? We’re sure that this is something many of us have experienced, and it is also something that Facebook wants to cut down on, at least as far as ads on its platform are concerned.

Facebook Pulls The Plug On Its Lifestage App
Facebook seems to be shutting down quite a few of its app lately. Just earlier we reported that the Facebook Groups app would be coming to an end, and now it seems that another Facebook app will be put on the chopping block and it is none other than Lifestage, an app that is barely a year old.

Facebook Will Be Shutting Down Its Groups App September 1
Facebook is a company that likes to experiment with various apps and services. We’ve seen the company launch various apps in the past, some of which have worked out great, such as Facebook Messenger, while some have flopped rather badly leading Facebook to shut some of them down, with the latest “victim” being the Groups app.

Facebook Stories For Desktop Confirmed
Facebook has cloned several Snapchat features for its services with Stories being chief among them. Instagram Stories actually has more daily users now than Snapchat’s entire user base combined. The same feature has also been expanded to WhatsApp and Facebook proper. While it was previously available to users on mobile only, Facebook has now confirmed that it’s testing Stories for desktop users.

Facebook Will Prioritize Faster Loading Webpages In News Feed
Facebook continues to tweak the News Feed where its billion-plus users spend most of their time. Over the past few months we’ve seen the company make changes in order to surface more relevant stories and posts for users while pushing down spammy content. It has heard from users that it’s frustrating to click on a link that leads them to a webpage that’s slow to load. That’s why Facebook has […]

Facebook Reportedly Working On A Device For Video Chat
When it comes to hardware, unlike Amazon, Facebook hasn’t really had much luck on that front. The company has tried to launch some handsets but that did not exactly pan out, but now a report from Bloomberg is suggesting that Facebook has more devices up their sleeves, this time in the form of a device that can facilitate video chat.