Cyberbullying is real and in the past we have come across many stories in which teens have killed themselves after being harassed constantly. Given how wide social media can reach, cyberbullying takes things to the next level because the victim is being bullied on platforms that the rest of the world can see, which we can only imagine is extra humiliating.


However Facebook has decided that enough is enough, and have since launched a new resource for parents called the Facebook Parents Portal. According to Facebook, “Being a parent can be a difficult job. We know parents can have a lot of questions about Facebook. Whether you have a personal account, or whether your teen has one, we’ve come up with some handy links, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your experience and help your child navigate their experience. We hope that you find the following resources useful.”

Basically these are resources as well as links to various tools that are meant to give parents an idea of what they can do should they find that their child is facing harassment online, or if their child is the one doing the harassing. There are also tools for educators to help them address the problem if they discover it taking place in class.

We’re not sure how effective these resources are, but we guess it could come in handy for parents who are finding themselves at wits end. To learn more about the Parents Portal, you can head on over to its website for the details, or you can also check out the video above.

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