facebook-logo-likeOne of the issues Facebook is facing at the moment is dealing with fake news, in which the social media platform has been accused of allowing such articles to run rampant. The company has stated that they plan on banning fake news websites from its ad network in hopes that cutting off their revenue could discourage such websites.


Now according to Business Insider, it seems that they might also have another solution in the works. Dubbed “Collections”, it seems that this feature will be similar to Snapchat’s Discover section in which the content has been handpicked (thus human-curated) by media partners. This means that humans will be choosing the content to promote as opposed to relying on AI to suggest articles in which sometimes it can accidentally promote fake news websites.

The report from Business Insider suggests that Facebook has already been at work courting various entertainment and media companies in the recent weeks to help create content for this new “Collections” section, in which it will be manually inserted into the News Feeds of its users to help give it a broader reach.

It is unclear as to what kind of content we might be able to expect, but we have to wonder how this might be different from Facebook’s Notify app from last year which aimed to to do something similar, but was unfortunately shut down less than a year later.

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