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Your Social Media Could Soon Be Used To Detect Tax Evasion
It is often said that we shouldn’t believe everything we see on social media because it is usually staged and posed to sometimes make ourselves look better than reality. However it could soon be used by government officials in India to determine if someone might be living beyond their means, and whether or not it could be that it is because they are evading taxes.

Reddit Is Redesigning Itself To Look More lIke Facebook And Twitter
Reddit, a website which bills itself as the frontpage of the internet certainly looks like it might have been designed by Microsoft FrontPage. It is a functional design but compared to today’s more modern websites, it does feel kind of old and outdated. However that is expected to change in the future as the website is undergoing a redesign.

Facebook’s COO Says Removing Encryption Would Help Terrorists
Encryption can be seen as something of a double edged sword, where it keeps the bad guys out from snooping through out stuff, but at the same time it also keeps the good guys out from potentially uncovering key details and evidence in crimes and terrorist plots, and depending on your views, encryption can be seen as a either a good or bad thing.

Facebook Shuts Down Its AI After Invents Its Own Language
If you were to watch a reality cooking show like Hell’s Kitchen for the first time, you might be a bit confused by the cooking terms and shorthand that chefs use to communicate with each other. To you it might sound like gibberish, but to them it makes perfect sense, and that’s exactly the kind of situation that Facebook accidentally created with its AI efforts.


Facebook Stories Can Now Be Shared Publicly
The world’s largest social network brought its Snapchat Stories clone to Facebook proper back in March this year. Like Snapchat Stories, users can post videos and photos to their Facebook Story throughout the day and all of it disappears automatically the following day. However, Facebook users could only share their stories with their friends on select contacts on the social network. Now, they can share them publicly.

Jazz Musician To Write & Record An Album While On Facebook Live
When one writes and records a music album, it’s usually a process that might take weeks, months, or even a year. However in the case of Grammy-award-winning singer-songwriter and jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding, she is planning something else entirely, and that is in the span of 77 hours, she plans to write and record her new album entirely on Facebook Live.

Facebook TV Launch Expected In Two Weeks
It has long been reported that Facebook is working on original TV content. The company is reportedly going to kick things off with “spotlight shows” that will be inexpensive and up to ten minutes in length. The shows will be owned by the media companies that have teamed up with the company for Facebook TV. According to a new report, the first of these spotlight shows will debut in as […]

Facebook Live 360-Degree Video Now Available In 4K Resolution
Facebook Live has long offered viewers the ability to view 360 degree virtual reality content. The social network today announced that it has further improved its 360 degree live video platform to make it more engaging for viewers and more accessible to creators. One of the biggest changes it that viewers can now watch 360 degree video in up to glorious 4K resolution.

Facebook Reportedly Working On Smart Speaker With 15-inch Touch Panel
With Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple launching smart speakers powered by their own AI assistants, it seems that maybe Facebook is feeling a bit left out because in a report from DigiTimes (via MacRumors), the social networking giant apparently has plans to launch their own smart speakers come 2018.

Facebook Acquires Startup To Crack Down On Pirated Videos
We know that Facebook has some pretty huge video ambitions, but if there is one problem the company is facing, it is that many users tend to upload pirated videos onto its platform. This has sometimes resulted in entire movies being ripped and uploaded onto Facebook, and more often than not videos from YouTube are also uploaded onto Facebook without crediting the original source.

Could Facebook Be Working On A Modular Smartphone?
Modular smartphones seemed like the perfect way for users to upgrade their mobile devices without creating too much electronic waste. After all if your screen is working just fine and you only need a new camera, then just swap out the camera module for a newer and better one, instead of buying a brand new phone.

Major Tech Companies Side Apple In Their Fight Against Qualcomm
By now most of you might have heard against Apple’s legal battle against chipmaker Qualcomm. Despite having worked together for many years, it seems like their relationship has reached the breaking point where both companies are suing each other, with Qualcomm even seeking to ban the iPhone from being imported into the US.

Facebook Confirms Plans To Launch A New Subscription Service
For the most part, a lot of online publications that are free to read rely on advertisements for generating revenue. However with ad blockers becoming more widely used, and with users turning to alternative sources for their information, new ways of generating revenue need to be invented.

Facebook For iOS Gets Built-In GIF Creator
GIFs are short animated pictures that are great for sharing online when simple pictures or even emoticons just won’t do. As you can probably imagine, GIFs are very popular on the internet, so it’s never surprising when an online service incorporates them into its product. Facebook already lets you use GIFs on the social network and now you can create one using its official iOS app.