Google and Facebook have joined forces to build what’s going to be the fastest trans-pacific cable ever. This 120 terabits per second submarine cable is going to connect Los Angeles with Hong Kong. They are working with Pacific Light Data Communication on this project which is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Soft Power Technology. The length of this cable will be an impressive 12,800 km.


This project was first announced last year but back then Google and Facebook were not attached to it. The estimated cost of this project was said to be $400 million. The cable is going to have five fiber pairs each of which will have the capability to provide 24 Tbps of bandwidth.

While it may seem unlikely, it’s actually not unusual at all for companies like Google and Facebook to team up on undersea cables. Facebook and Microsoft have already one such partnership for a trans-Atlantic cable.

Companies taking part in this project will have their own portion of the cable, Google is going to keep its own fiber pair to ensure that its traffic remains private. It says that this new cable will bring greater bandwidth and lower latency to its customers in the APAC region. This will also be the case for Facebook users in the region.

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